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American Technological genius is never ending as illustrated by this latest headline:

Sony Crams 3,700 Blu-Rays’ Worth of Storage in a Single Cassette Tape.’

Now to fully understand what we have here, let’s go back to the IBM AT personal computer I purchased in 1986. (Model 5170 IBM PC AT (Advanced Technology))   It cost about $6,500.00.  It was at the time the state of the art in PCs.


It had a 20MB Hard Drive and 512KB of RAM.  The AT also introduced the 1.2 MB high-density 5.25″ floppy drive which became an industry standard until the advent of 3.5″ disk drives.  Of course today floppys are extinct.

Now let’s review the specs of that ‘advanced technology’ to the latest headline out of Sony.

First off, the 512 KB of RAM is unimaginable today.  Most low end PCs and laptops today come with at least 2 GB of Ram which translates into 2,097,152 KB!  That’s right; over 4 THOUSAND times more!   BUT WAIT!  It gets better…

Let’s now look at the Hard Drive capacity.  My AT (at $6,500.00) had the latest HD which stored an ‘unbelievable’ 20MB of data!


Get ready for the reality of American technological genius.  The latest ‘low end’ PCs and laptops today come with at least a 500 GB Hard Drive and cost about $300.00.   Forgetting all about the processor speed and the RAM, just the HD advancement from my IBM AT of 20 MB (0.0195313 GB) to the latest 500GB HD represents an increased storage of 25,600 times!!   So if we extrapolated the price of the 1987 AT based on HD capability of 500GB the cost would have to be then about (25,600 x $6,500.00) $166,400,000.00 for the PC!!  CRAZY, But wait!

Hard disk

Now let’s find out about this new storage technology from Sony compared to the 20MB HD PC of 1987.

Sony Cassette StorageSony says it has developed a storage that ‘Crams 3,700 Blu-Rays’ Worth of Storage in a Single Cassette Tape.’  Meaning a cassette could hold 185 TB of data.  Now 1 TB = 1024 GB which means that this one little old cassette tape can hold (185 x 1024) 189,440GB or 189,440,000MB of data.  Now let’s take our 1987 HD storage and compare it to this 2014 technology:

Are you ready;  1024(1 Terabyte) x 1000(1TB = 1000 GB)  x 1000(1GB = 1000MB) x 185TB(in our new cassette) = 189,440,000,000!

YES:   189BILLION 440MILLION times  more!!!!

So now we can understand the title of this post.  But the question is what is ‘Never Ending’ ?  The genius or the craziness…

But of course the real serious Bottom Line Question is with such brilliant and creative minds like this among us, WHY THE HELL ARE WE LETTING LAWYERS,  THE MOST UNCREATIVE AND LEAST PRODUCTIVE MINDS IN AMERICA, RUN THE COUNTRY???


Sony Crams 3,700 Blu-Rays’ Worth of Storage in a Single Cassette Tape

Posted on May 4, 2014 by Robert Sorokanich – Stupid hipster 80s fetishism notwithstanding, cassette tapes don’t get much love. That’s a shame, because magnetic tape is still a surprisingly robust way to back up data. Especially now: Sony just unveiled tape that holds a whopping 148 GB per square inch, meaning a cassette could hold 185 TB of data. Prepare for the mixtape to end all mixtapes.

Sony’s technique, which will be discussed at today’s International Magnetics Conference in Dresden, uses a vacuum-forming technique called sputter deposition to create a layer of magnetic crystals by shooting argon ions at a polymer film substrate. The crystals, measuring just 7.7 nanometers on average, pack together more densely than any other previous method.

The result: three Blu-Rays’ worth of data can fit on one square inch of Sony’s new wonder-tape.  …

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