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Just last night I gave my kids a little civics lesson.  We were watching ‘Food Fight’ with John Stossel. The subject was about how the government keeps meddling in things it has no business in.  The topic of this show was the government banning foods and telling us what foods we should eat.  John Stossel who is the best at exposing the warped thinking of our lawyer/leaders offered a $1500.00 prize for 2 students who submitted the best entries in the ‘Stossel in the classroom’ contest.  Here’s the one that pretty much spells it out:

Essay1When watching these young students answering Stossel my kids were curious as to why the students were so much more in tune with the logic and common sense of the subject.   So I answered them and suggested that they keep this answer in mind because it explains so many government decisions and programs that are so ridiculous that they are beyond reason and inexplicable to the average citizen.

It’s actually a pretty simple answer and it has a very old and well known saying that applies: “idle hands are tools of the devil.”  Yes the reality is that the government just has so many UNNECESSARY PEOPLE that it is only natural for them to create work to perpetuate their employment.  And ‘as the saying goes’ most of this work is not only a waste of taxpayer time and money, but it inevitably creates more problems than it solves and most dangerously reduces the individual freedoms that America was created for.

This over staffing of government goes from the smallest paid local and federal employee all the way up to the Judiciary, the Congress and of course the Executive branch of government.  The reality is that from the local City Hall to The White House, you could eliminate half the entire ‘work’ force and be left with a much more efficient and a more American kind of government, not to mention a drastically reduced deficit and citizen’s tax bill…

And so we can now understand the real reason that we are being forced to dump the real light bulb for one that is inferior in so many ways.

The list of complaints about the “efficient” bulbs goes on: They are often slow to respond, sensitive to high temperatures, and can cast a harsh and unattractive tone. CFLs also contain a small amount of mercury, which requires extensive and careful cleanup when a bulb breaks.

For now let’s just call it the ‘BuroBulb’ for Bureaucratic Light Bulb.


Lights Out For America’s Favorite Light Bulb

When industry and environmental groups claim that a regulation will solve all problems, consumers beware. It’s probably green cronyism in disguise.

Many consumers are turned off by the higher upfront costs of the alternatives. A single 40-watt LED bulb costs $7.50 or more, while a traditional incandescent bulb goes for around 40 cents. Some are finding that the CFLs don’t last nearly as long as their supporters claim—especially if they are switched on and off frequently, or if they are attached to a dimmer switch.

And they may not be saving us much energy after all. The typical U.S. home uses no less energy per capita than it did in the 1970s, despite an onslaught of efficiency standards for everything from refrigerators and televisions to the amount of power consumed when appliances are in “standby mode.” The money saved in the long run by using these appliances is often spent on even more power-sucking gadgets. And if light bulbs cost less to use, why not just leave the lights on longer?
The light-bulb ban is an example of how political coalitions are formed to force regulations on the general public that benefit a few large producers. A recent survey found that six out of every ten Americans are still in the dark about the latest bulb ban. Meanwhile, the dimwitted light-bulb policy just became the law of the land. The lesson here is straightforward: When industry and environmental groups claim that a regulation will solve all problems, consumers beware. It’s probably green cronyism in disguise.

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Nanny-State Politicians Forcing Us to Use Inferior Light Bulbs

September 6, 2009 by Dan Mitchell – First, the politicians forced us to buy low-volume toilets that require multiple flushes. Then they mandated that we use front-loading washing machines that don’t clean as well. Now, the parasites in Washington want to compel us to use light bulbs that don’t illuminate properly. A lighting expert explains in the Wall Street Journal – and also suggests that maybe the politicians should live under these rules before they impose them on the rest of us:  read more…



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