Attention All Newscasters and Political ‘Experts’

Please read this article so that we won’t have to listen to your ignorance and naivete 24/7 wondering why Obama does what he does and discussing him as though he is a real American President !

The truth is that he can not help it.  He is a pathological liar and narcissist.  He has no idea that anything he says would or could be interpreted as a lie.  To him, and to every other narcissist in the world, at all times: everyone else is wrong and he is right.  There can be no question about it in his or any narcissist’s mind.

BONarClick on the above image to read a clear outline of exactly what narcissism is.  The images below are linked to posts that deal directly with the reality of Obama’s condition and the danger it presents.  Read these posts and you will understand and realize why and how a person like Obama is the very worse person to put in any position of authority, especially when peoples lives and indeed a nations very existence, are at stake…

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Obama Does As Obama Is

Posted on Sun 06/15/2014 by Lawrence Sellin Ph.D. ~  First and foremost, Barack Obama is a congenital liar, whose lies, the number and magnitude of which are produced to match the scale of his sweeping narcissism.

That type of behavior is no surprise because Obama’s character was incubated in the low expectations biosphere of political correctness, where the amount of ineptitude is excused in proportion to one’s racial genetics, ethnic purity or whatever victim categories the liberal canon dictates.

Obama has had no incentive to change because throughout life and during his time in the White House, lying has gotten him what he has wanted, while escaping responsibility and any negative consequences.

America’s elite universities and the media, desperately wanting to validate their own ideological predispositions, have overlooked Obama’s obvious weaknesses and willingly accepted his excuses and political spin in order to avoid their own accountability for facilitating and advancing the career of an amoral and intellectually vacant individual. …

ObamaDoper2Obama is an ideologue, whose fundamental transformation of the United States includes goals that are incompatible with American values and national interests. His approach is not unlike pounding a square political peg into a round political hole.

The ultimate basis for any judgment about the rightness of his conduct is whether he achieves an important ideological aim. Thus, “right” outcomes for Obama often necessitate actions considered illogical or harmful by mainstream Americans.

Obama is incompetent, not because he is stupid, but because his intellectual rigor mortis drives an ideological “analysis” that inevitably leads to inaction or the wrong action.

Stated simply, Obama is mentally and emotionally incapable of making the right decisions for America.

Obama’s reaction to his policy debacles is invariably the same. He lies or blames others because his narcissism cannot accommodate failure and any perceived loss of public adulation.

Enough is enough. We are a nation, not a political playground for megalomaniacs. Soaring rhetoric is no substitute for competence, honesty and resolute action.

A continued Obama Presidency risks the survival of the United States. He is and does what he is. There is no hope that he will change and no limit to the damage he can cause.


Will Congress decide it is time for Barack Obama to go?

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