‘At Best, He Blew It. At Worst, He Doesn’t Give a Damn.’

–  The Bottom Line  –

Thank You Greta Van Susteren.  Finally someone is getting to the bottom line on Obama.  Of course he doesn’t give a damn about our soldiers and about America.  The evidence is overwhelming.  Anyone who doesn’t see this just plain doesn’t want to see it: ‘ There are none so blind as those who will not see’

But what is much worse is what he does give a damn about, and that’s the destruction of American excellence and supremacy.   As mentioned numerous times here and in other Blogs, everything this guy does is detrimental to America.  If someone wanted to take America down or apart, while smiling and enjoying all it’s wealth and benefits,  they would do everything exactly that Obama has been and is doing.   The reality here is, and it will be finally admitted and exposed in the future, Americans are paying Barack Obama to destroy their country.

Obama_Partiesobama fiddling washington burning


In the post It’s Time for the Military to Go On Strike, it was spelled out why our military should not put up with this traitor in the White House and what the honorable thing would be for them to do.    Well that was then and this is now.  The Muslim in the White House has now proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he is indeed The Enemy Within.

The latest release of five major terrorists should be the straw that brakes the camels back.  It’s a no brainer that these five subhumans will return to the battlefield and again kill more of our brave boys.

Gitmo 5 -Mohammad-Fazi

For this the United States military should be at the gates of the White House and taking Obama in to stand trial for treason; “aiding and abetting the enemy.”

If you think this is crazy then just do me a small favor.

Choose the person whom you love the most in life.  Now picture them blown apart by an IED  so bad that they are barely recognizable.  Now take a good look, (if you ever could) at their body lying in pieces in a military coffin.  Your world is now destroyed and the gross unimaginable image in front of you will haunt you forever.

Now walk away from this horrific scene and into the reality of the life you will now have to bare.  As you walk away a soldier pulls you aside and tells you that you need to know the truth.  ‘ The terrorist who caused this has been captured; again…  The person you love the most, and many others like him, are dead and have been killed by one of  the same terrorists that  Barack Obama released from Gitmo.’  

Take it to the bank.  This scenario will happen to a brave soldier and an American family.  And it will be because of the traitor Barack Obama who will be most likely playing golf as the family returns home to their empty house….

And oh yea.  Don’t expect a telephone call from ‘The President’ to console you.  If he’s not too busy playing golf or partying with his Hollywood sycophants, then he’s probably on the phone with a proud whore or homosexual telling them how brave they are…

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