–  The Bottom Line  –

NOTICE that I did not say here ‘we’ go again.  I refuse to follow in the footsteps of the millions of naive American who for the sake of vanity always speak about American decisions as though they are involved and have any say!   You hear it every day:

‘We made a mistake in going to Vietnam  –  We missed all the warnings before 9/11 – We should have taken out Bin Laden when we had the chance – We should put troops on our border – We shouldn’t have legalized abortion  –  We should pay benefits to our military at least as good as we pay Congress – We should not make it difficult for Americans to go into business  – We should develop our own oil reserves so that we can be energy independent – We should not support countries that abuse human rights – We should cut out all the waste and redundancy in government –  We should cut the the budget drastically before WE go bankrupt – We should stop printing money and ruining the dollar and the economy – We should stop sending our soldiers to die overseas for empty and impossible causes that basically are none of our business and are unwinnable in the end …’   The list goes on infinitum…

It is those who run this country that are making all these terrible and deadly decisions:


They_Control_It_AllThey Control It All – Click Image


By everyone keep saying ‘WE’ it gives a pass to all these inept scumbag [lawyers] who are running this country! (It’s the same suicidal ignorance that most ‘sheeple’ go along with when they refer to Islam as a ‘religion’ instead of a death cult;  which it historically is and continues to prove every single day all over the world.)

And the lethal result of this naive mentality is that instead of identifying the people/group that are causing all the problems, ‘we‘ aid them in camouflaging their very culpability by grouping them WITH US!   As though we would make these same moronic and deadly decisions!

The latest example of this is of course Iraq.  I almost fell off my chair when I heard this:

Obama sending Kerry to Middle East, set to dispatch military advisers to Iraq

Of course it brings back some memories, some very deadly memories:

May 1961 – President Kennedy sends 400 American Green Beret ‘Special Advisors’ to South Vietnam to train South Vietnamese soldiers in methods of ‘counter-insurgency’ in the fight against Viet Cong guerrillas.   By 1964 the number of American military advisers in South Vietnam is 23,000.  By the end of the war in 1972,  58,220 U.S. soldiers had been killed in Vietnam….


As if the 5000 young men and women who died already in Iraq is not enough!


   How about this time ‘we’ make it a requirement that the advisers can only be Congressman and Cabinet members lead by The President and/or Vice President.  They will have to stay in Iraq until ‘our mission’ is successful…







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