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What American Priorities?   I bet if I asked 100 people what are the priorities of this country, half would have different answers and the other half would have no answer.  In America 2010, this is indeed a very difficult question.

Jay Leno’ ‘Jaywalk’ shows us how very bad it is.  Brad, Jennifer, Paris, Lindsey; I don’t even have to put their last names.  Put their photos among Medal of Honor winners, great inventors, scientists and researchers who have conquered disease and saved hundred of millions of lives, young soldiers that have sacrificed their arms and legs, and any great person who has dedicated themselves to mankind.  These great people would not even be recognized.  It’s called the ‘dumbing down of America’ and it has worked brilliantly. Do you think for a second that the jack asses who run this country want an intelligent electorate with a moral foundation and their priorities in order? Need any more evidence than BHO the ‘Celebrity in Chief’?

24/7 we are bombarded with celebrity and just everyday jack asses by the disgraceful media.    There’s no doubt that the media is now controlled by the drug induced minds of the 1960s ‘hippies’ and ‘radicals’.  The results are obvious and not surprising.   Now they decide who gets exposure and who are the important people.  The ‘free love’ whores get celebrity status and the good Christians are ‘right wing kooks’.    I grew up in the 60s and quite frankly, I’m embarrassed for my generation, a generation whose poster boy will no doubt be Bill Clinton.

So everyone knows about Lindsey Lohan.  No one knows about David Colby.

God Bless David Charles Dolby & All of The Good Guys.

Here’s Ted Nugent’s Take:

Ted Nugent
American Priorities Out of Sync

Because our so-called news media is focused on telling us what they think we want to hear instead of what we need to hear, we are deluged with celebrity sludge stories. Americans know Lindsay Lohan spent time in jail, that Paris Hilton was recently busted for possessing cocaine, and that Mel Gibson left some angry messages on his former girlfriend’s phone. If these stories were food they would be junk food.   …..

While the media was fawning over the “stressed-out” airline steward, someone who truly mattered the most was being laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery yet no one heard about him. Instead, we heard incessantly about Lindsay Lohan going to jail. It shouldn’t be this way.

This past August David Dolby died at age 64 within just a couple of days of airline steward “story” breaking.

Mr. Dolby’s passing wasn’t reported by the national news. No one talked about him. No one heard about him, including me until I was forwarded an email.

What made Mr. Dolby matter the most was lost on our junk-addled media and junk food addicted sheeple. An airline steward throwing a juvenile temper tantrum was more important than David Dolby.

Make no mistake, David Dolby mattered. Nothing any of us will ever do will match what Mr. Dolby did. He is a hero, someone we all should have heard about, his passing covered on the nightly news, talked about for days. Every kid in America should have heard about David Dolby and all special human beings like him.

What Mr. Dolby did was earn the Medal of Honor while serving in Vietnam—and then went back for four more years. Grab your children by the hand and search the Internet on David Dolby. Read about him out loud to your children. Teach them the difference between real heroes and those who don’t matter.

Mr. Dolby is a hero, not a celebrity. The difference is as stark as night is to day. One should be idolized and praised while the other trivialized and ignored.

Our priorities are out of sync and upside down with what matters the most. We devour junk sensationalism on a daily basis while brave heroes around us pass away without so much as registering a blip on the media’s radar screen. This is the perverted, crazy, tailspin reality America finds itself.   ….

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