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If you ever have visited the GLOOG.us site then you are not surprised at the topic.  The post below is among the very first outside of GLOOG.us to hit on the reality that lawyers (judges are lawyers in black robes) are now taking over control of the only respectful government organization, the military.  Think I’m exaggerating?

Heard about this soldier and that soldier being sent to war to kill the enemy and then being court martialed if the lawyers don’t like how he killed the enemy?     You’ve heard about the soldiers being put at a disadvantage IN A WAR because of the ‘rules of engagement’!   Well take a wild guess who has to review and approve of these life and death rules for our soldiers.  That’s right – Lawyers.

How about the soldiers who finally captured the Muslim subhuman who burned Americans and hung their bodies from a bridge;   ‘Three U.S. Navy SEALs (Julio Huertas, Jonathan Keefe and Matthew McCabe) who, as part of SEAL Team 10, have been brought up on charges that one of the most-wanted terrorists in Iraq, Ahmed Hashim Abed, received a boo-boo during a raid in September.’

How about the latest; Judge orders military to stop enforcing don’t ask, don’t tell.

Let me get this straight.  The mightiest and most successful military in history is now being told how to fight, what rules to fight by, and who they can and cannot send onto the battlefield by guys whose biggest battle experience was the Bar Exam?   Rod Serling Alert!

So where are the Generals who should be backing up their soldiers?  As discussed in ‘ The War Without a General‘  we are in a war with no real Generals because anyone with that title has become subservient to the lawyers surrounding them.    And there are plenty of them.

Each branch of the service has their own attorneys –

who answer to the pentagon’s attorneys –

who answer to the Justice Department’s attorneys –

who answer to ‘The Commander/Lawyer in Chief’.

Any questions?

Judges controlling military a bad idea

Posted October 22,2010 by Chad Groening

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness (CMR), warns that if unelected federal judges are able to force the military to accept homosexuals, then there is no end to the interference the courts could impose on the armed forces. …

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