That’s right.  Two of my best friends are Muslims.  OK they’re really not Muslims because if they were real Muslims and read my articles on Islam on this site, I’d be dead.   They were both born into Muslim families and brought up by Muslim parents.  They are two different believers now though.  One goes to the Mosque every Friday and prays and adheres to all the Muslim holiday and prayer rituals.  The other is the opposite.  I’ve known him for over 30 years now and the only way you could ever tell he had any Muslim influence is by his name.   In fact 20 some years ago, before anyone even knew or cared about Islam he told me all about Mohamed and how Islam is an all encompassing political ideology that pretends to be a religion.   Of course none of it ever sank in, that is until September 11, 2001.

These two guys are great people and I wouldn’t hesitate to give them the shirt off my back.  ‘But they’re Muslims, how can that be?  Oh they must be moderate Muslims.‘  WRONG on both counts.  First Muslims cannot be ‘great people’ in the sense we understand the meaning of it.   In the Koran Allah commands them to wage jihad against all and anyone who does not follow Islam.  They can be great Muslims but not great people.  Secondly, anyone who has studied and researched the issue even a little knows that there are no ‘moderate’ Muslims, only Muslims.   Don’t take my word for it, ask the scholars or the Muslim imams themselves.  So if my friends are not ‘Muslims’ or ‘moderate Muslims’, what are they?

My 2 friends are like any decent person who thinks he is a Muslim.  They are MINOs – Muslims In Name Only. ?????   (ie.  Hugh Hefner is a CINO – Christian In Name Only)   Most don’t recognize this and will not accept this label, but it doesn’t matter.  That is the reality.  A true Muslim cannot be a decent person as we understand the meaning of ‘a decent person’.

Case in Point:  I asked my friend, the one who attends the Mosque, if he is a good Muslim.  Without hesitation he said ‘of course I am’. ???? ???????   I then told him that what I was about to tell him was not my opinion but the conclusions of scholars who devote their life to the study of Islam.  According to these experts, Osama bin laden is a ‘good Muslim’ because he follows the teachings of Mohamed as expressed in the Hadith, the Sirah,  and the word of Allah as written in the Koran.   Well of course this blew him away and he just shook his head and said I didn’t know what I was talking about.   Funny how that’s just about the same reaction that you get when you say this to anyone who is uninformed, uneducated, or unwilling to face the reality of Islam. ????? ??? ???? ?????     Some guy said it best on The O’Reilly Factor the other night:   ‘They avoid what they do not wish to see;  they are deaf to what they do not wish to hear;  they ignore what they do not wish to know.  They are masters of self deception’.

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