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Cover Your Keyboard! You’ve been given fair warning!   What you are about to see is so nauseating that you very well could barf right where you sit.

This is how our ‘leaders’ are fighting the war and this how much they care about our soldiers that fight for us.

They, the lawyer/politicians and now even the Military leaders are being played like puppets by the enemy and their superior propaganda machine which now has our soldiers having to conform to the enemy’s dress code!!!

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How little regard can they have for the lives of our heroes who go to battle for us?   I don’t give a damn what anyone of them says.  This is far beyond political correctness.    Is this war or is it tea time with the Muslims?   From Obama to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  to the generals on the ground overseas, they don’t have the mindset or the cahonees to lead my sons Boy Scout troop.   They all should be brought up on charges of treason; the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one’s government.   See:

– The War Without a General –

Here’s Steve Klein’s Take:

Pentagon Madness, Propaganda – A woman’s touch

Stars and Stripes writes: Engagement teams make inroads with Afghanistan’s female community, URL below.

Klein writes:  You can look at the insanity of our leaders … 9 photos proving how Admiral Mullen, Chair – JCS working with Scty of Defense Robert Gates is merely propaganda, photo ops lying to Limbaugh and Hannity, O’Reilly et al.

Note – these photos are merely The Big Lie of … Staged propaganda from the Pentagon and State Department … Women are not allowed to do this … they don’t wear helmets?  If they are forced out of the FOB without helmets – then all our leaders responsible for this should be relieved of duty for cause.

This woman is a 39 year old E-3 … My contacts on the front lines … FRONT LINES … NOT REMFS … have not seen this – FRONT LINE MEN TELL ME … the Rules of Engagement:  “knock on the door … “May we come in?”

Muslims answer: “NO!”  And the Americans must leave.

No helmets is the tip off … The men get helmets – View Gallery below.  THIS IS STAGED PROPAGANDA … It has already failed … Muslims do NOT care how we dress our women … They hate us Kafirs, infidels … they are waiting until we leave they hate everything we do … the Koran will never permit Democracy … schools for girls, women’s rights.

Our leaders are ALL incompetent … Admiral Mullen does not even know that the U.S. Constitution tells us what to do with Pirates – see Article I, Section 8, Clause 10 … then watch Admiral Mullen who is the driving force behind these women at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXuKtbx_Jgw

We lost the war in Afghanistan and Iraq when the State Department wrote that Islam is the basis of the law.

It is time to bring home our kids now … and fight the Muslims in America.

Steve Klein – bio available

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