Rules for Radical Conservatives – Synopsis

Rules_for_radical_ConservativesPicBy Michael Walsh aka David Kahane     Interview with David Kahane:

Introduction by ‘CHE’:   (CHE is the fictitious character that the author uses to speak to you on behalf of the liberals and progressives.)

We have done this to you, and we have done it by design.  We have changed up to down, right to wrong, black to white, night to day.  Via our silken garotte of “political correctness,” we have undermined and hamstrung your very ability to think with clarity, to judge with confidence, and to see us for what we really are.
We not only want resistance to be futile, we want it to be unthinkable.

You can fight us, you can beat us and you can even destroy us forever.  If only you have the will.

I'm going to take you on a tour of our world.  I want you to fully understand what we have done to you, and in retrospect how relatively easy it all was. We checked in our revolution, a near fundamental transformation of American society.  That didn't have to happen, we have convinced you to through friends in academia and the media that it was not only morally necessary, but in evitable.

We've been playing you for suckers for decades to come. relying on your good will and sense of fair play and willingness to entertain any theory, no matter how ridiculous.
Whereas you tend to sit there, smiling and nodding, welcoming us into your homes via the evening news, and into children's noggins through the state-controlled educational system, and into your purses and bank accounts through the ever expanding reach of the federal government and its insatiable appetite for your money and your property.  Not realizing that slowly we are squeezing the life out of you and what used to be your country.

I want need to understand that with each passing day, as we wrap our chemicals more tightly around you, finding you with 1 million small pieces of any legislation, arresting legal Tactics, intrusive law enforcement, and the criminalization of just about everything, we are doing this for a reason: to weaken you enough so that in the unlikely event you actually do decide to fight back at last, you won't be able to.

Our morality is based on absolutely nothing more than whatever suits our purposes, and is only an accidental resemblance to anything found in such conditional sources of morality as churches and synagogues, or basic common decency.

Why am I doing this?  In part because it's been so pathetically easy to defeat you up to this point, you've taken all the fun out of it.

Who else could have systematically dismantled the "greatest" country the world has ever seen, all from the inside and it without firing a shot.

So stick with me as I roll out a few tried-and-true principles that have served us very handsomely over the years, principles that, along with everything else in these pages, you might consider taking to heart.  That is if you want to take your country back.  Otherwise, you'll be just another bunch of losers, standing on the sidelines as a triumphal parade marches by.

Part One, The Problem.

You Have Met the Enemy, and He Is Us:

Contrary to your "realistic" mantra, words don't have fixed meanings and actions usually don't have fact, almost nothing has consequences, at least not in this life, and I was raised to believe in the here and now, and not the hereafter.  You fools, with your faith in good works and, well, faith itself, reliably under cut yourselves and hold yourselves back: it is your fatal weakness, and boy oh boy do we know how to exploit it.  Advantage atheists.

I nearly every juncture of your lives, people like me are bear with our hands out for little the old Palm -crossing ho-ho-ho.  You used to call them bribes, or shakedowns.  Today we call them fees or permits.  God forbid you want to do anything major on what we laughingly used to call "private property."

And if you think so much as think about doing anything about it, about fighting back, about taking back your country — that's what we have lawyers for.

Have you forgotten two centuries — plus of your own history and the tenants of your own culture: that there are some things a man doesn't have to take, and that real men, when they have to, put up their dukes or pick up the guns and go to war? They don't let threats of lawsuits deter them.

We have undermined manliness, feminized your culture, elevated fretful safety and excess of caution into virtues instead of weaknesses.

The Cold Civil War:

While you were out trying to make your way in the world, earning a living, being responsible, raising a family, paying your taxes, we infiltrated your every institution: the schools, the law, Hollywood, the culture, the government. We learn to train your own weapons upon you, and, while you weren't looking, we shot you in the back with them, metaphorically speaking.

Those are heady early days, marked by less generational blitzkrieg against an unprepared and astonished establishment.  To view my dad tell it, our side couldn't believe how easy it was.  I mean, here we were, ready to almost lay down our lives for what we believe in — and what we believe it was basically nothing, disguised as "protest".

We realize that the universities, far from being instruments of the oppressor, or actually orders for the taking in the natural nesting place for the long-term, pretty much in Perpetua Abbey.  By May 1970, what had begun on the steps of sprawl at UC — Berkeley, just six years earlier was essentially over, and we had won.

And so it was that cold civil war moved to the trenches with the last battle of the shooting war, which came at Kent State in May 1970.  And that my friends, was the end of the student protest movement.

But after Kent State, the movement went both underground, with the heroic Weathermen and much more effectively, above ground: into the schools, the law firms, the journalism program, the civil rights movement, the environmentalist movement: which, believe it or not, actually started in the 1970s, with the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 — inspired by a call from a Democratic senator and activist named Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin.

But if you think back over the events of the past several decades or so, you will see how even the craziest notions that we introduced gradually get excepted, mostly by sheer dint of a repetition. So that we started as a clean up the "garbage day" back in 1970 as gloriously turned into the "carbon dioxide is a pollutant."  Really you have to give us some credit: what other movement to convince you that the very air you exhale is dangerous to the planet.

Think of us as slow — motion suicide bombers.  In the end, we understand that we will have to go to, certainly if we follow through on the logic of our positions, such as it is.  But as proud atheist who see nothing beyond our darkness, we don't care.  We don't care what happens in the long run, because, as John Maynard Keyes said, in the long run were all dead.

Indeed, the Cold War, the cold Civil War started during the Nixon administration.

In The Future, Everyone will be a criminal for at least 15 minutes (except us):

It really is amazing.  In just four or five short decades — they seem sure to us because we always take the long view — your entire world has been turned upside down, and you have acquiesced, and sometimes celebrated, at each step of the way.  We applauded this or that “Historic" moment.  Naturally, we never told you that our definition of words like "historic" and "unprecedented" was simply "audacious," "brazen," or even "ridiculous," since we never in our wildest and most preferred dreams ever believe you actually fall for half the "social change" we wish on you, but you did.  And here we are.

There is no position or proposition to ludicrous for us to argue, and so beaten down are you that you're bound to at least consider what we have to say.

We have made you a stranger in your own country.  And if you continue to resist us, we will make you a criminal.

We have unleashed an army of lawyers against you, you then put into the elective office: an army of elected regulators, who take the self-serving laws made by our fleet of ambulances — chasing tort shysters and proclaim and implement new and ever more onerous rules and strictures: an army of unfireable bureaucrats and permanent civil "servants" who now make more money than you, get better benefits than you do, and expect you to support them for ever in the posh styles to which they have become accustomed.

Every step we've taken since the baby boom generation came of age during the blood and fire of 1968 has been taken in name of individual freedom, and that in the alley always have done — and always intended to do — was to limit that individual freedom, to strip it out of your social institutions, your daily life, and your government.  "A nation of laws, not men" that sounded good, but what we really meant by it was to tie you down with laws, turning into and words of the Vietnam era, a "pitiful helpless giant."

Jake Lingle's Society or How we seized the narrative:

We are spent years indoctrinating fine young minds at some of our best schools, creating a new social class of" journalist" who is so imbued with the proper way of looking at the world that he or she literally cannot see another side to the argument, (which is the whole point of our educational system:   to encourage "correct" thinking.)

And look at the results: we've gotten an entire generation of journalists to frame every issue through structuralist lens of race, class, ethenticity, and gender.

And then in 1944, with the world war still raging, there was the “second Bill of Rights" proposed by Roosevelt in his State of the Union address.  FDR had already violated one written constitutional rule, one that limited the chief executive to no more than two consecutive terms in the White House.  In this speech Roosevelt proposed the "Economic Bill of Rights."  He said all these rights spell security and who could possibly be against social "security"?  Where all the security was going to come from, FDR didn't say.  But wait, who knew the secret code, sure did: from the taxes of the suckers.  In one swift judo move, the president put the entire history of American Republic on its head: a system that was set up to reward where risk was now to be repurposed towards ensuring "security."

Chapter: For doesn't matter if we succeed in making a pathetic system work.  We know it won't.  What does matter, and though, is that we reduce you to our level, to show the universe that Satan is at last, the master of God.  And that the true meaning of equality is misery.

The War Against God:

Remember: we think like lawyers. Deep down inside, we all wish we were lawyers.  We use lawyers the way a soldier uses his weapon, both offensively and defensively.  When you think of a lawyer, who would you think of?  Something like the old Perry Mason, a truth seeking defense attorney whose job was to serve justice.  Or DA Ben Stone on law and order, a truth seeking prosecutor whose job was to serve justice.  However fictionalized, it was men like these who rigidly defined the concept and the publics mind — not the shifty weasels who actually populate the profession and certainly not the kind of lawyers we have on our side.  Our lawyers are not to defend anybody, except in the dire necessity.  No, our lawyers are there to take you down.
For just as we have hijacked almost everything that properly belongs in the court of public opinion, and have demanded that you view any given issue, whether social or personal, as if it were being discussed in a court of law, so have we wormed our cant and jargon into your discourse, and made you except that rules designed for the the artificial and stylized combat of the courtroom are not applicable in daily life.

By accepting the validity of our premise — that you must practice what you preach — we have won the argument before this ever begun. "You can kill them with this" writes Alinsky. "for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity".  here we can truly see the hand of the master for, of course, there is no single "Christian church."  only a non-Christian like Alinsky could imagine such a thing, but it is a lovely way to tar one of the world's two largest faiths — the other being our beloved Islam — with the atheist brush, and we are about nothing if not the cheap shot.

By your own actions you have invalidated your own argument, because you have made the fatal error of professing to stand for a set of abstract" moral" principles, whereas we stand for nothing at all.

Yes sir, you can say a lot about the left — that were godless, malevolent, steaming, ambitious, a moral power seekers who bend or break any rule in order to get what we want — not only would you be right, but we accept those terms as it complements they so obviously are.  There is no law, even one we passed ourselves, that we will not seek to ignore, change, or subvert if it serves our larger goal.

When you object to hypocrisy yes these actions in themselves constitute rank hypocrisy.  And if your side tried to pull stunts like these, you'd be right.  But this is what I'm trying to get you to understand: when we do it, it cannot, by definition, be hypocrisy, since for us there is no such thing.  For us the means always justify the ends, since the end — the greatest good for the greatest number — is also our unlimited, untrammeled power: by any means necessary is our movement's slogan.  and — in the unlikely event you raise an objection — always have to do is merely find one single example of your site doing something remotely analogous.  And — voilà!   — the objection is dismissed, usually with the glib observation that both sides are equally guilty.

As is our wont, we have turned normal all logical thought processes upside down, opting for a counterintuitive and then trying to sell it to you as normative.

Let me tell you where all your troubles started.  Where you could have stopped us, had you decided to fight, but where are willing accomplices in the Supreme Court overruled the will of the people and their duly elected representatives, in two little decisions we like to call Angel v. Vitale, and Abington Township School District v. Schemp where, which under the guise of the all purpose 'Establishment Clause' effectively moved the ball from the Christian court, regarding establishing one religious sect over all others — when you think the word."  Anti-establishmentarianism" comes from?  — to the atheist court.  Suddenly the argument was no longer about which version of Christianity, if any, was to be state ordained or supported.  The notion that the Constitution requires a" wall of separation" between state and religion is a load of hogwash that derives from Jefferson's 1802 letter to the Danbury Baptists.  ( it is not part of the content U.S. Constitution)

And then along came Madalyn.  If we had patron saints, she would certainly be one of them.

Since the sainted Madalyn Murray O'Hare, the Presbyterian — turned — warrior — against — God.  Arrived on the scene and began to break the stranglehold that religious superstition had on the body politic, we have waged on remaining warfare against your culture, missing nary an opportunity to hamstring you.

Murray v. Curlett was a lawsuit that culminated in the 1963 Supreme Court decision, decided by an eight to one vote, which forever banned school prayer and the reading of the Bible verses in the nation's public schools.

With God no longer in the classroom, the old taboos have flown out the window along with discipline, morals, and learning.

No need to fear God's powers of moral suasion, his threats against our way of life, or even the lurking fear of punishment that may or may not come only after the lights have long since gone out.  When we look in the mirror, we see God, and that is good enough for us.  And ought to be good enough for Him to.

Our Secret Weapon: Political Correctness:

PC is fascism for the mind, a way of imprisoning you in an irrational and vulnerable land of what seems like happy talk and sweet thoughts, but in reality the most vicious Stalag you can possibly imagine.  Once you have accepted the premise of PC — speak — that there are some things you not only can't say but can't even think — then you have capitulated in our assault upon you and, except for the terms of surrender, the war is over.

Political correctness, in other words, is appeasement by another name.

Surely you have heard the chants that have been rising from the East for more than 30 years."  Death to the great Satan!  Death to America!"  There was a time when those imprecations might have been fighting words, words and threats against which you would've taken up arms.  When someone said he wished you dead, you took them at his word, and prepared yourself accordingly.  No longer.  That would be belligerent.  That would be rude.  That would be insensitive.

Accordingly, we have invested more effort in this one single aspect of American life over past 25 years then anything else.  We do.  Our trained seals in the media — by now, most of them superbly schooled in the dogmas of PC as a result of their expensive Ivy League educations — have done youman's work in this regard, first censoring their own copy of speech, and then extending their prescriptions about, what does and does not constitute valid public discourse to you.

You are not allowed to notice, or in any way signify that you have noticed, any difference of sex, race, creed, color, or sexual orientation.  You're not allowed to comment on our choice of words, or lack of logic, or in any way way make us feel bad ourselves. ???? ???? ??? ??? ???? ?????

In our pursuit of unfounded hedonism(which is what we call freedom) we were forced to gradually start restricting what could and could not be said and written about our activities, and if that meant we were suddenly out of love with the First Amendment, tough.  After all, we have been taking a blowtorch and a pair of pliers to the" free expression" clause regarding religion for decades, and so was a relatively simple matter to turn our baleful glare on freedom of speech and of the press.

In short, there's nothing that we won't throw overboard, or under the bus, when it suits our purposes — which always and everywhere focused on power.  Not just power for us, but our power over you.

And thus once more, political correctness.  PC is the grease that causes the wheels of your destruction to move inexorably forward, as it strips you of your words, and then of your thoughts, and then of your dignity, and, finally, of your humanity.  Once you have accepted its central premise — that other people have the right to tell you what you may think — you're done.
And the rest is, as they say, commentary.

Fairness and Tolerance:
This is what we have done to your car culture: were once real men use to take it outside and settle it, well, like real men, today we whine, we cry, and, if all else fails, we sue.  We are using your own weapons — your strength, your decency, your sense of fair play, and your laughable compassion — against you.

Because while you wingnut's are busy getting bogged down in the house to house fighting of Rahmbo v. El Rushbo, or whichever clownish sideshow, we have managed to distract you with this month, the larger point of what's happening to you is sailing right over your fat heads.  You're letting yourself get bogged down in minutiae.   For, in the end, our cold civil war against you conservatives in your institutions is not really about personalities, or even policies: it's about principles. Meanwhile, you would rather discuss policies.
We of course reject the message of Jesus, who boiled the patriarchal laws of Moses down to two nifty aphorisms: love God and love thy neighbor as thyself.  When you get right down to it, that's pretty much all Christianity is.

And what do we mean by fairness and tolerance?  Not, of course, what you think.  As should be clear by now, we never use the word with a uniform meeting that's clear to both sides when you can use one with a double meaning.

For decades, we have been provoking you, goading you, mocking you, denigrating you, challenging your faith in God and country and yourselves — while the same time demanding that you tolerate us.

Remember that, for us, there was no goal but your destruction, and tolerance is perhaps our favorite weapon, especially when blended with incrementalism.

We had cheered the dread Scott decision in 1857, when Chief Justice Roger Cheney — a Democrat, appointed by Democrat, Andrew Jackson — describe black people as" an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race" and ruled that, being private property, they had no civil rights.

As a Democrat, Lyndon Johnson thought the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but the Republicans supported it in much higher percentages than the Democrats.  And who, you ask, let the filibuster against it?  Why, none other than outward on a core, Senior.,  A close friend and confidant of Armand Hammer, one of the Soviet Union's best and most effective agents against the US during his lifetime.

And then something magical happened.  We made all you all forget our racist past by the simple expedient of not only erasing it, but tossing all previous accomplishments of a newly adopted victim groups down the memory hole to.

We kept Michael Jackson, a self mutilated child molester of whom it was once said that "Only in America could a poor black boy grow up to be a rich white woman," and disappeared Scott Joplin, one of the most important figures in the history of American popular music, and the man who invented ragtime music.

Tolerance no longer asks you not to judge a man by the color for skin; in fact, it does precisely the opposite — it requires you to notice the color of his skin and if he's doing anything illegal or destructive to ignore his actions.  That is a real meaning of the word."tolerance" today.

As you can see, we've flipped it, which is always part of our arsenal against you.  No sooner have we gotten you to accept the premise — which may in itself be innocuous, or on rare occasion, actually beneficial to everybody — then we start twisting it, revisiting it, modulating it, until by the time were finished, it bears almost no resemblance to what it originally started out as, except in the most superficial way.  And by the time you figured this out, it's way too late.  Once you've accepted the premise, you all ours.

But there certainly must be some reason why, how half a century ago, a single man could earn enough money to support a wife and multiple children,and build or buy a house in the suburbs.  There must be a reason why, after woman went into the workforce in a big way in the 1970s, two incomes suddenly became the equivalent of one, four kids became two kids, divorced short, and after Roe V. Wade in 1973, two kids became one kid became no kids.

In a stroke, and no matter the merits of the actual facts, we have re-framed the argument on our terms, made America's entire history hostage to the legacy of slavery, and cut the legs out from under you, our opponents.  And the genius of it is, the argument isn't even about the civil rights movement — about which no one would disagree!

This all purpose of reproach allows us to trash just about every icon in institution in the United States.  We've turned the all-American dad into a doofus figure of fun.  We've gotten you to loath stay-at-home moms, celebrate pregnant teenagers, cheer on their abortions, and sue the doctors when they botch them.  We've convinced you that kids are smarter than their parents: the poor are more virtuous than the rich: and that all cultures are equal.  We demand that you tolerated — and you did!  Tolerance is the only virtue, you need while we cannibalize your culture, and when we finish, well, you won't need it anymore.

By tying you down with a million petty regulations until everything you do, say, or even think will be subject to profile with prophylactic reflection before you do, say, or think it.  We've won. And now you're about to experience the consequences of how much we dislike you.

Your Last Warning:

Our MO is simple: we effectively demolish a state by turning its government into a gangster cabal, clouding its laws with impunity, raising taxes that beggar the diminishing productive part of the populace, infiltrating our cadres of "community organizers" — Alinsky-ite Marxists operating under the protective coloration of, well, people of color — into your local corporations and institutions, and assiduously pursuing such radical endeavor as the " Secretary of State" project which ensures that no matter what kind of financial, legal, or electoral trouble we get into while taking over your state, there is always someone Up There (out there in the state capital) to bail us out or grease the way.

Here is a lefty to step: 1.  Take over a state politically.  2.  Take over state culturally.

Take California.  It was a can-do kind of place that created the bread basket of America in the Central Valley, created my beloved motion picture industry, the roads and dams in cities and fabulous bridges, enforce its laws, didn't whine, didn't bitch, didn't moan.

And then we showed up.  And the rest is history.  Today, California is a can't-do kind of place.  Zillions in debt, overrun by "undocumented immigrants" (all part of our plan!)  dispirited, helpless, and crawled to its state employee unions and certain to be devoured by something that hasn't even register on most folks radar yet: the enormous, gargantuan, and really big, way underfunded CalPERS, the California Public Employees Retirement System, which eventually will bankrupt the state as the last few private industry workers give up and set sail in a small dinghy from California to anywhere else.

We discuss the sleep of reason:  Nobody even saw that Gillian Anderson BBC miniseries version of that old to the enduring corrosive powers of lawyers and lawsuits.

The removal of religion from the public square was a fundamental building block of our revolution. Look how far we have come to making atheism, the new established Church of United States, one that will have no real God for before It!

It's true, we didn't quite think through the consequences of largely unrestricted abortion.  We were too busy knocking up our girlfriends with impunity and then convincing them it was a heroic act to kill an unborn baby by scissoring open its head and sucking his brains out.


Corollary No. 1:  Know your enemy.
I mean — what the hell happened to you?  Up to this point in your history, you risen to every challenge — indeed, I met any challenge, born any burden, and pay any price.  Oh you was something else in the old days.

In other words, used to know how to fight.  Used to know how to recognize a mortal enemy, used to know how to deal with that enemy — by destroying him.  Unconditional surrender was Grant's motto, and Eisenhower's too.  Since then… not so much.

Corollary No. 2:  Have no illusions about our nature:
Pride incarnate, brimming at once with anger, resentment, and an overweening mortal superiority based on nothing more than our own inflated self-esteem.
You pathetic weaklings have been left to fight this fight on, the only battlefield we have designed to leave you — our turf!  Which means the political arena, and asked the legal arena, where you are hopelessly out-manned, out-womanned and out-gunned.  Symbolically speaking, of course.

In the legal arena — the" guilty until proven innocent" arena — everything is a game, which you must play by our rules.

Ideas matter, especially big, crazy ideas, and if the history of the past half-century has taught us anything, it's that no idea is too crazy for us to give voice to, or are you to fall for.

Corollary #3:  Forget political correctness and speak your mind, no matter what the consequences.
PC is an all-purpose tool for your subjugation, especially intended to prevent clear speech and thus clear thought.  Those two things alone can defeat us, which is why we cannot permit them in our Orwellian version of a "free country."
The first battle that must be one, therefore, is the overthrow of the PC culture that we have built so assiduously over past five decades.
Pretend to be like us, so do what we do: lie.  Follow our game plan from the 1960s — mock us at every turn, in every venue at your disposal, particularly those with youthful constituents.

You have a perfect case study unfolding for your very eyes in the imploding."  Social democracies" of Europe.  A smoking time bomb of all our crack pot ideas, going to go up a bit ahead of your good old US of A.  The chaos is unfolding now — so call attention to it.  It's not so hard to start a few stampedes if you push the right buttons often enough.

Rule No. 2:  Become What You Behold.
And yet, time and again, what we hear from your side is that you would want to adopt our tactics, but you wouldn't want to lower yourself to our standards and principles (your free your first mistake since we don't have any, other than holding you to yours), that you would rather be right than win if it means fighting as dirty as we do.  To which I say: that's why you are losers.

I've assembled a few handy phrases, which are going to have to learn to deliver with a straight face, like Mr. Orange in Reservoir dogs, practicing his cover story in front of a men's room near, with the requisite raised eyebrow in our patented lefties sneer drop in a key in the key junctures.

1. "You can't possibly mean that." This is our way of saying your full of it.  The point of this phrase is to stop the argument in its tracks, to assert your higher reality.  You can't possibly mean that you support what's going on in Washington!  You can't possibly mean that you support forcing people into unions!  You can't possibly mean that you want to flush our children down the drain for the sake of the corrupt educational establishment!  You can't possibly mean that you think the great Society was a good thing!  You can possibly that you want to go to post office to see your doctor!
You get the picture.
2. "Everyone knows that.".  Another all-purpose putdown, signifying that you're a complete idiot.  It's a riff on the old Soviet "as as is well-known." boilerplate, witch pretty much signaled that whatever statement came next was a complete and utter lie, although we prefer to use the term "higher truth."  give it a try: "Everyone knows that the Democrats are the party of slavery, segregation, secularism, and sedition."    "Everyone knows that global warming is a complete crock, a bunch of crooked scientists think the data in order to siphon even more tax money out of our pockets, and that the polar bears are first year than ever."
3. "You're not really… this one is meant to indicate that the person you're speaking with his little better than a cave dweller, a superstitious moron whose wall outside the brain is probably stuck with religious "dogma."
Time to turn the tables.  Come on, this one's easy — you can do it:
" You're not really still a Democrat, are you?"   "You're not really still an atheist, are you?"
" You're not really still going to stop at one kit, are you?"  " You're are not really still buying that a free market blew up the economy, are you?"  " you're not really going to drive that piece of hybrid crap, or you?"

Corollary No. 1:  – Forget being liked. –  You don't have time for a popularity contest, especially in so far, as were concerned.  Take the battle to us at every opportunity.  After all, we never stop — we attack you in the supermarket, and restaurants in the dinner parties, so why should you?  Remember, the left deals in bold and because — based on absolute no sense of tradition traditional "morality" at all –we feel we are right.  Whereas, you know you are right, but have always been too polite to mention it, preferring to indulge our whims rather than run the risk of being called intolerant.
Never cede anything to us, philosophically speaking.  Force us to argue facts, not emotions.  We hate that.
The greatest failure of the George W. Bush administration was its incomprehensible failure to fight back against the calumnies  (a false and malicious statement designed to injure the reputation of someone or something)  of the Left.
Corollary No2.:  – Treat us with the same contempt with which we treat you . –  Or, to put it in language you might actually understand: Treat us with the same respect we give you, which is none.
Corollary No. 3:   – Give no quarter. –  Fight like we do: to the end.  Because by now it should be apparent: we will never leave you alone.  And here's why: you all are our meal ticket.  Those we might term a Party of Take are sitting pretty.  Meanwhile you, the Party of Give — the boomers approaching retirement in the private sector now — are staring into the abyss of a pretty bleak future.  Your homes are worth half what you thought they were, and you have been   impoverish: by the high cost of prep schools and private colleges, in your efforts to avoid the indoctrination of 'our’ public education system.   Because you had to work and pay taxes and raise families larger than 1.0 kids, you never had enough time or energy to get involved in politics, not to the extent we at the Party of Take did, and so gradually, incrementally, you have been bled white as the employment scales tip from private industry to government jobs, helpless victims of the great bloodsucking beast we like to call. " Public service."

The first step is to know when you hurt us.  A little tip: the louder we shriek, the more names we call you, the deeper you’ve wounded  us.

You could tell we were floored by Sarah from the business of our reaction.  After Palin’s electrifying convention speech, Andrea Mitchell of NBC looked like someone had just shot her dog, flapping her gums and impotent rage…  Suddenly, Sen. Stockholm Syndrome's moribund, pathetic candidacy had been transformed and invigorated; a new fascist star, a deadly combination of Evita and Annie Oakley, had been born.  And would have to be stopped.

Sarah Palin represents a weapon that has all the power to destroy all we have accomplished in one swift blow.

Rule No. 3: The Culture is the Message — So Seize It
Our infiltration and takeover of" narrative" has been going on since the 1960s and reversing it is no small task.  If you're looking for acceptance or, worse, love from the mainstream media, the old college professor, or Hollywood, forget about it.  This is a war you long ago lost — but with which you can still win if you choose to fight it.  But the first step in fighting lies in picking up a weapon and choosing to use it.
And culture is where the action is, and it's high time you folks started battling for the high ground — you know, the redoubt from which your archers can launch the arrows, the place in which your Castle offenders can pour down vats boiling oil on our heads, just as we do to you every week from the pages of the New York Times, the Washington Post, all three broadcast networks, Time, Newsweek, and two of the three cable news channels.
And yet, as we've seen, it's a battlefield, you've almost completely abandoned, instead left to us. ?????? ?????? ??????
So what do you do?  Let's take your check to one at a time:
Corollary No. 1:   Get back in the media game.
It is simple: start by taking your media back.
–   MT:  Stop giving credibility to any left media at all   –

Without the media is running interference for us, acting as a curtain in the Wizard of Oz, you would have, as I've explained, seen us what we really are, far sooner: courtiers, shills, hacks, over inflated, like the Hindenburg, with a sense of self-importance and yet, deep down, as consumed with a crushing sense of failure and irrelevance…
Our pet media has created an alternate universe, one in which none of you lives, to which they've made you believe in, through sheer dint of repetition.

Corollary No2:    Stop thinking that Hollywood is a dirty word.  The re conquest of Tinseltown should not be that hard.  After all, in its heyday there were no more patriotic Americans than the sons of the shtetl who invented the town in the first place.  Hollywood churned out patriotic film after patriotic film, recognizing an enemy when it saw it in those Heinies  and them dirty little Japs.  Politically incorrect today but we won the dam war…

When you stop to think about it, and the larger culture — the real culture, as opposed to imaginary cultures that we served up to you in the cinema, seen on television, and delivered to your breakfast table by our liberal press — we made a bizarro universe in which we forced you to live, through the simple expedient of you have been taking yourself out of the game.

Corollary No. 3:   Reclaim academia
–   MT:  don't give away the public schools by putting your kids in private schools and parochial schools.  Start to demand that your public schools teach your children the way you want them to be taught and not the way a few liberal minority activists want them to be taught.

Rule No 4:  Get on Offense and Stay on Offense — and Take No Prisoners
Not only have the rules changed, we're no longer even playing the same ball game, and you really haven't figured that out yet.  So it's time to fight, which brings us to
Corollary No. 1:   No more Mr. Nice Guy.
It is better to be feared than liked.  Civil wars are tough, even when there's no actual shooting, but buddy, you're in one now, so you might as well get used to the idea.

So there's my advice: call us out, each and every time.  If you so accept our premises.  Refuse to go along with our reflexive indictments of everything you stand for.  Refuse to tacitly accept guilt as we make our routine accusations that we "know" what you really mean when you talk about things like" the 10th amendment,"" Marxism,"" you lie!,"  and" date night."  ( to us, they all mean "Racism.")
And yet like the suckers you are, you fall for it every time.  You stand in lettuce will weigh on you, imputing resort of it no ability to you, your culture, your belief system, your faith tradition, and your families unto the generations.  And so you take it, when what you should do is punch us right in the face.

If I were you, I would change the system.  Put the lawyers back in their place, to serve the law and the people, instead of to function as attack dogs against the very system that gives them shelter.  I would make filing frivolous lawsuits, a seriously expensive matter for the aggressor.  I would make it almost impossible to win punitive damages.
If I were you, I would get rid of the legalistic mindset that tells innocent people they must be retreat in the face of a threat, that they must resort to force only as a last, desperate act of self defense, that it is better for them to sacrifice himself to a larger legal principle that to prevent their wives and children from being raped and murdered.
If I were you, I would rise up as one and shout that the rights and the plight of defendants in capital cases, would henceforth be a secondary concern to society's need for restitution and, when necessary, revenge.

Rule 5: Let the Dismantling Begin
Given the nature of the game, it is always we who are the heroic ones, the fighters, the revolutionaries, the progressives, the people demanding change for the Betterment of All Mankind, or at least ourselves.  Whereas you are the bad guys.  You see this nothing romantic or glamorous about being a conservative.
What you need, my pathetic friends, is a cause, and that's what I'm here to give you in this section.  Ask yourself this simple question: what is it about revolutions that gets young westerners all wee wee'd up?
It's destruction.  Fact is we love to blow stuff up, especially when it's your stuff.

So turnabout is fair play:   Describe lovingly how each brick is going to be taken down.  Each monstrous agency of the federal government — a government that, by now, pretty much everybody hates, even us — is going to be cut down to size or eliminated altogether.

You're tearing down the walls of a socialist prison, we have built will have been building around you.  You're not destroyers, your liberators!  Just like we were back in 1968!

It was liberating in so many ways to realize that our hero, Mayo, was right when he said that all power, even flower power, flows from the barrel of a gun.  Which is one of the reasons a lot of us look upon our Islamic enemies with a healthy awe and respect, since a guy who will saw your head off with a large knife obviously is playing in a league of his own.

So turn the tables on us.  As I pointed out in the preceding section, we don't like it when you punch back.  And given that it's your site that has all the guns, marksman, crazed militias, hot biker chicks, and the entire armed might of NASCAR, you could roll right over us if you wanted to.  You could crush us like the vermin we — let's be honest — know that we actually are.

Corollary No. 1: Challenge every one of our premises and our "accomplishments."
Do not let us make one single statement unchallenged; do not let us frame and dictate the terms of any debate.  Wouldn't it be one of the great cheer moments in modern American history once — just once!  — You saw a military officer or a captain of industry testified before Congress, subjected to the preening, self-indulgent stupidity of some let this man of the people millionaire, when all of a sudden the man a woman stops, turns on his tormenters, and says something like this:

You know, I have been sitting here for more than an hour, being lectured by a bunch of clowns who can't tie their own shoes without a pollster, a bunch of boobs I wouldn't hire in my mail room, if I still had a mail room, a bunch of lying, malevolent skunks who abuse their offices as" public servants" to further enrich themselves and their friends, all at the expense of the little guy they profess to care about.   By rights, you'll want to be hanging from a lamppost along Constitution Avenue as penalty for the sins you've committed against our great country.  you deserve to wind up like Mussolini, and Clara, upside down in the village square, the kids can throw rocks at you.  You deserve to be frog marched out of here, placed under arrest, your finances open to public inspection, your private papers expose all the world to read.  In a show trial, broadcast live on national television and streamed live to every computer and other devices not yet invented, you should be made to confess your mouth pieces, offer restitution, take forgiveness, and then be shot for the crimes you committed against our country, his people, and its Constitution — a Constitution you swore to hold and defend, which apparently meant to you loot and pillage.  that's what I do happen to you, Senator, and in a just nation, under God, that's exactly what's going to happen.
[Sounds of doors being forced open, a great crowd rushing the hearing room.  Senators and their aides screen as an enraged populace, unmolested by any police, seizes the solons and drags them from the chambers…]

Corollary 2: Think the Unthinkable.  Go ahead, it's fun!
Get rid of Social Security?  Why not?  It's always been a giant.  Racket, borrowing from the unborn Paul to pay the 65-year-old theater today — and to keep paying them for the next 20 or 30 years.  The problem is, there is no unborn Paul, since some young woman proudly taking control of her body just aborted him.

Same goes for state and local pensions — as one town and city after another collapses into bankruptcy, all those "chickens will come home to roost."
Public employee unions have only been legal since the Kennedy administration, so that be an easy fix, if you don't mind a little blood in the streets, as they will fight for their right to take you down with them.  But with all the money that will be flowing back in the private sector, your companies may even be able to hire them to do, you know, a little honesty of the doctor work.

The lawyers will hate this, of course, because they have the best racket going: they study law in order to run for office, where they can make more laws that will employ more lawyers until, reucdtio ad absurdum, the entire country, minus a few drones, consists of lawyers suing other lawyers over laws written and passed by still more lawyers, implemented by a Chief Executive who's also a lawyer, and adjudicated by a Supreme Court consisting of nothing but lawyers — all of whom went either to Yale or Harvard.  Paradise!

That's how you" fundamentally change" America, by collapsing its institutions under the weight of their own implicit good intentions, just as Cloward and Piven advocated.  and each step of the way, you can continue to peddle the same old snake oil: that it's in the best interest of the country: that only churl's, Nazis, and conservatives could possibly oppose it.  And then, one day, it'll all be over in a new Phoenix will rise from the ashes, inhabiting a new world in which, alas, there's no place for you.

Corollary #3:  Having Thought It, Act On It.
The country is ripe for a huge rollback.  Abolish many or most of the regulatory agencies, sunset the laws that have outlived their usefulness or accomplish their objective, put a moratorium on new legislation until the older debris is cleared away.  The goal is to try to restore the proper balance between productive citizen and "civil servant," with the former the master of the latter once more.
So stop talking and start acting.  Conservatives of the world unite!  You have nothing to lose but your chains.

Rule No. 6:  At All Times, Think Constitutionally
The key, of course, is to get the lawyers on the case.  As we've seen, one of our objectives was to turn the United States into a nation of the lawyers, by the lawyers, and for the lawyers, and in that you'll have to omit we have succeeded spectacularly. A kind of mystic aura has grown up around the law, as with wine or classical music, except that if you get it wrong you can go to jail. In fact, though, the law is nothing more than shared morality of the social goals given written expression.  Everything else, as they say, his commentary.

And that's where we come in!  For centuries, the figure of a lawyer has been pillarized in popular entertainment, including the opera, as a clueless, pettifogging, half blind nitwit…  Lawyers were necessary evils, obsessed with dotting the i's and crossing the t's while the rest of the world got on with life, love, and the pursuit of whatever.

Today, they (lawyers) are just evil.  Like some degenerate futuristic tribe — Morlocks with glasses — they can parse but that they cannot understand plain language anymore.  They are the  perfect tools of our deconstructionism: a horde of intellectual sappers we have bred and unleashed upon you, programmed to convince you that nothing is what it seems, that for every  meaning there is an opposite, far more than equal anti-meaning, and that everything you use to think you knew about the United States — it was all a lie.

You cannot hope to beat them, not in the ring system we currently have.  All you can do is out bid the other guy for their services.

All of which means that, despite lip service paid in the famous oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution United States," nobody really believes that either.  Not the Congress, not the Supreme Court, and certainly not recent Presidents of the United States.  We are just way too sophisticated for that engraved in stone, Moses down from the mountain with the tablet stuff.  But the minute you accepted our cockamamie notion of a" the Constitution," your goose was cooked.

That's why it's high time — if it's not already — for
Corollary No 1: Get back to first visible: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
They are all that's standing between you and either anarchy or dictatorship, and the sooner you figure that out, the better chance you will have.
This is supposed to be a citizen's Republic, remember, not a country dominated by all my pals  who attended Harvard Law now viewed themselves as a kind of secular priest class, interpreting the law for the amazement and limited edification of the rubes.

Every day, we churn out new laws, new regulations, new executive orders, edicts, new initiatives, all of which are designed to do one or both of the following: restrict your freedom and cost you money.  And yet you sit there and take it.

The Constitution is a ridiculously simple and straight forward document.  Even with the twenty-seven mostly useless amendments added, it still runs barely 8000 words which is about half your average screenplay.

Still, writing in sentences, so simple that it takes a Yale educated federal judge to willfully misunderstand, the framers laid out the basic principles of life in a state where the government leaves you alone.

Couldn't be simpler, really.  And what are the Supreme Court's actually enumerated powers, you ask?  Turns out — almost none!  Not a word about abortion…

And wait for it: The 10th amendment: The powers not delegated United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to to the people.
There it is, hiding in plain sight all along.  Every single one of our regulatory schemes, power grabs, rules, regulations, orders, bureaucracies, departments, and civil-service ranks are barnacles on the hall of the good ship United States of America can be and should be challenged by the several states, as the founders might say.

Unless the Constitution no longer means what its plain language says it does — and we've had top people working to convince you otherwise would decades and decades — the real power in America lies with the states, which can more or less tell the feds where to get off.
You've all been witness to the greatest unconstitutional power grab in the history of the world, grabbed by the very federal government the Constitution was meant to bind the control.  And you let it happen .

So what are you going to do about it?  Brings us to
Corollary No. 2: Time to clean up the amendments — perhaps call a Constitutional convention
Amendment 16: the income tax (1913).  Once the principle was established that the federal government could reach into the pocket of each and every citizen and "lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states," you were done, and so was your precious Republic.
And until you repeal this philosophical abomination, and replace it with the Flat Tax or the Fair Tax or the Aunt Hilda Tax, you are doomed.

Amendment 17: direct election of Senators ( 1913)  they were supposed to be two equal voices, representing the several state: today, the two equally plausible candidates for the next presidential election.  In other words, they no longer serve their states, they serve themselves.

Amendment 18: Prohibition (1919) even though it was repealed in 1933, this amendment established the principle that the federal government has a right to interfere in every aspect of your life.

From that point on, we basically stopped attacking the Bill of Rights, per se, instead turned our attention to an end run, which is simply ignoring the Constitution our lawmakers and executives were sworn to uphold and defend, and going our merry way with a vast expansion of the federal beat.
So if I were you, I'd start challenging the entire legal and regulatory structure post 1932, and I'd use the ninth and 10th amendments to do it.  Yes, it's an impossible task, but so was bringing down United States of America, and look how close to succeeding at that we are!   You got lawyers on your side — stop using them defensively and sick them on us in full, deep air attack mode.  Every" unconstitutional" extension up out of power, should be challenged in court and in the immediate — every time.  And if we start barking, just say you're doing it for the children.
It's a measure of how far you've fallen.  When your best weapon against us is the basic law of the land, a law we’ve so corrupted and marginalized as to have rendered it almost moot at this point.  Which, of course, was the point.

RULE #7:  Adapt the Time- Honored Conservative Message for a New Kind of America and a New Kind of American

What we liberals have done to the black community since the 1960s should be a national scandal: through our vast panoply of soul crushing social programs, enforced by unelected bureaucrats and the public school system, we have destroyed black families (were working on white families now),  encouraged what used to be called antisocial behavior, celebrated the worst regarding matters of mores, and generally turned the culture upside down, so that it is now ruled by "gangstas."   We swooped in like drug dealers hooking the people on the hopelessness, and at the same time promising to cure the very diseases we had spread around.

The beauty of our plan, something we have learned from the crooked politicians of the Chicago machine and Tammany Hall, was that the cure for misery was always more misery, to keep the people in the state of permanent desperation and allusion, a never ending cycle, always spiraling downward.  Sheer genius, really.

There is a tide of honest, we set out there just waiting to be tapped, and the only thing that's holding it at is the media's mind control over the issue:  any black that steps off the plantation is hit and hit hard.  Just ask Condoleezza Rice,  Justice Clarence Thomas, and just about any other black conservative (or even moderate).

RULE #8:  Get Better Officers.
Because frankly you have forgotten how to fight.
You morons need smart, ruthless, and savvy leadership, younger than your basic World War II veteran — hell, we ran a self-confessed draft dodger and a guy who quit on his comrades after a few months in Vietnam — not that there's anything wrong with that!

Principles are what counts.  So stop trying to out do us by rushing to the microphones with a silly plan to solve every social ill decide of L  And if we call you up and demand to know — we will, you can bet on that, it's one of the playbook, — the details of your" land," laugh and tell them to shove it and start talking about vegetables.  To do otherwise is to accept our premises, which means you have already lost.  Instead, stick to the big Richard: liberty, self-reliance, faith, freedom.  Those concepts are to us like a crucifix to a vampire, but heed not our squeals. ?????? ???????   Instead, keep brandishing your integrity, and have the satisfaction of watching us collapse…

One of your mistakes is that for some weird reason you seem to to think that being Mr. Nice Guy is a way to win friends, influence people, and once in a while succeed at the ballot box.  We of course know better.

You consistently been built with aqua to see things our way.  You accept at face value or most ludicrous positions, thinking like for Neville Chamberlain at each of our demands is our last, best, and final.  Fools!  price, eats except the bargain.  Only marks the start of a new round of a demands.
Which brings me back to principles, and why they're so important and why you simply must defend them to the death if you expect to have any principles left.  Since we have none, in any encounter we always have you at a disadvantage.  Here's the way it works:
1: First we find an institution we wish to transform or destroy — for the sake of argument, let's take a private all-male country club.  What could be more fun.  He galloped un-egalitarian, and thus more evil, then that?
2.  Following the Alinsky rule of demonizing the targeted object, we force you to accept our ridiculous premise that, despite the constitutional guarantee of the right to association, there was something immoral or actually illegal about the club's rules excluding women.  Forget that the club was legally founded, forget that nobody forces the men to join it, forget that women have never evinced much interest in the club, forget the fact that women have their own clubs — forget all that.   All we need to do is find one woman to complain, to spin out a fantasy of oppression and lost opportunity to close that all important business deal at the 19th hole, and your doomed.
3.  And now that, after a century of peaceable operation, you're on the defensive, we hammer our complaint home until you finally accede to our demands, if only in the hope of making us shut up and go away.  It may take some time, but in the end, you always give in.
4.  By taking your attention away from the big picture, which is the right to free assembly, and focusing in on the lawyerly and/or hypothetical details, we’ve destroyed your faith in your own institution.
5.  And so the die is cast, and the rest…well, you know the rest.  By definition, the very nature of the club will change and soon it will longer be the club it once was.  And the best part is, you will never be able to admit it because , having accepted the premise of our argument in the first place, you have already taken revanchism off the table.

And why did this happen?  Because you surrendered on principle. You let us browbeat you into thinking that principles don't matter, that our principles (or, rather, are battering rams, disguised as principles) were superior not only to yours, but to those of all the generations that come before you.  We've gotten you not only to reject your own dogma, but to reject and vilify the wishes and desires and covenants of your forefathers.  We've turned you into us, and convinced you that it was for your own good.

Principles.  Once you abandon them, you're through.

This is what you need generals need to understand:
There are three elements in war;
First, there is the objective, which should always be Total Victory. Even if total victory is not possible or achievable in our lifetimes, that is still no reason not to strive for it.

So let me be clear: our non-negotiable objective is a total transformation of the country formerly known as United States of America into a cross between our previously failed state, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, and the modern European Union: a bloated bureaucratic run leviathan that punishes private industry,  demoralizes a productive citizen, and eventually taxes into oblivion everything that once was "good" and "decent" and "American" about your soon-to-be- former  country.
The second element is Strategy.  Strategy is crucial, and right now you have none, because you won't name the enemy, won't credit our lack of good faith, and won't take the necessary steps to put us down.  Just look, for example, the way you're trying to fight the so-called "War on Terror" — defensively and halfheartedly. the criminal Bush regime and its lackey neo-cons may have started out with the intention of rolling right into the belly of the beast, Iran, by surrounding it on both sides, Afghanistan and Iraq.  But we put a stop to that as fast as we could!

Truman would have known how to end the war, and with which weapon to do it, but your side wouldn’t because, as in the country club example above, we rendered those weapons unusable because they are, to use one of our favorite words," unthinkable."
"Unthinkable" is a very important word in our arsenal.  And, "unthinkable weapon" is best translated as: the most effective weapon you have, which is why we constantly lobby that the use of such weapons would be "unthinkable."

RULE #9:  Never Stop Fighting Until the Fight Is Over
You dopes have the upper hand: but you’re essentially always playing defense.
We've taught our troops that there is such a thing as a free lunch, and you've been only too willing to pick up the tab!
Whereas, you need to frame the argument like this:" this is a great country, so shut up and leave us alone or else."  Another cheer moment.  But you have to mean the or else part, the way your hero the late fascist William F. Buckley did, turning on a steering Gore Vidal on national television in 1968, and famously erupting: "now listen, you queer — stop calling me a crypto Nazi or I'll sock you in your goddamn  face, and you'll stay plastered."

Corollary No 1:  You have an honorable history – use it.
Show us up for the cowards and bullies we really are, the kind of people who start fights but never finished them, who hide behind our lawyers' skirts when the going gets tough, who never met a manly institution we didn't want to tear down –  The Mommy Party.
Show us for the haters we really are, people who hate the United States.  Even as we wrestle when you "challenge our patriotism," people who hate Western civilization, people who hate organized religion.

Corollary 2:  Go radical conservative
Modern Conservatives roll over and play dead.  Radical Conservatives Take the fight to the enemy.  Because, at This Point, You Have No Other Choice.

Commit this to memory: there is nothing we will not do to tear you down.  There is no lie we will not tell, no falsehood we will not spread, no fact that we will not twist or manufacture.  There is no accusation to base for us to deliver, no area of your life that we will not examine, no personal or family secret that we will not expose if we can.  At long last, Sir, the truth is out: we have no decency, and we are proud of it.  In our agony and misery and our self-hatred,  we are determined to take you down with us.

Commit this to memory: never stop punching.  No victory is permanent, no defeat is final.  So if you really believe that stuff about eternal vigilance being the price of liberty, then you have to start acting like you believe it.
Commit this to memory: always be on the attack.  Oh, we'll come at you with every smear in the book, you can rest assured of that, but instead of getting all weepy and apologizing for whichever sin we've just accused you of, try this: laugh at us.  – The proud Devil will not be mocked for he cannot bear scorn, and neither can we.  Destroy the myth of our moral superiority and watch us crumple.  And then club us and keep clubbing us.

Rule Number 10 — the Fight Is Never over

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