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On a daily basis the actions and atrocities of Islam seem to lower to a new sub-level of depravity.   The list has become so lengthy that you really have to refer to sites like The Religion of Peace on a daily basis or you will lose track. At ‘This is Islam’ we have tried to keep an updated list of some of the subhuman events promulgated by Islam.

I have come to the conclusion that the fact that Islam  still exists in the civilized world today is proof that we are living in a ‘parallel universe’!

Sounds pretty crazy until you start to examine what we stand for and then what Islam stands for;

Sounds pretty crazy until you study and absorb the 1400 years of documented deaths and destruction to good decent people who just happened to not submit to ‘Allah’.

Sounds pretty crazy until you realize that we have all the power and technology to defeat this satanic ideology yet we have allowed it to not only exist, but we have welcomed this enemy into our cultures.

Sounds pretty crazy until you realize that we have allowed them to camoflage their satanic ideology behind the cloak of religion, disregarding the fact that this ‘religion’ calls for our demise.

Sounds pretty crazy until you realize that we even entertain the idea that this ‘religion’ is based on the word and teachings of a known butcher and pedophile.

So historically over 1400 years 270 Million People Killed and currently everyday the headlines tell us of death and destruction:  all in the name of ‘ALLAH’ and we still talk about it as a ‘religion’.  Not a parallel universe?

Then there can be only one other logical reason for such ignorance in face of an enemy sworn to annihilate us;  The West is the most naive and most suicidal group of total Jackasses in the history of mankind.

Here’s the latest example of the mindset of what in the parallel universe is known as “the religion of peace” but here on earth , it is best described as ‘The Diarrhea of Civilization.

Here’s the latest example of the how Islam appreciates kindness and shows its gratitude.

This is Islam.

Israeli doc saves life of Muslim baby, mom hopes he grows up to be a jihad/martyrdom suicide bomber

Posted by Robert Spencer on May 16, 2011

…..   His unexpected fame began with an action that to him was simply his duty as a physician. A sickly four-month-old Mohammed Abu Mustafa had arrived at the emergency room from Gaza. “It was very easy to diagnose him as having a severe type of immunodeficiency,” Dr. Somech said in an interview. The same genetic condition had already claimed the lives of two of Mohammed’s sisters, and without a costly bone marrow transplant, it was unlikely he would survive beyond his first birthday.

[…] And even after the funding has been secured and the transplant performed, Mohammed’s mother, Raida, makes a statement that calls into question all the efforts to save his life.

As she and the filmmaker, Israeli TV reporter Shlomi Eldar, discuss the status of Jerusalem, Raida says she would be proud to see her son grow up to be a suicide bomber. ….

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