–  My Take  –

OK guys.  You can stop the search.  I’ve found the sexiest woman on the internet.

As ‘we all know’;  ‘the most important sexual organ is between your ears. not between your legs.’    So now that we have reestablished that, (?)  let’s check in on Miss. Ann Barnhardt.   (OK, maybe she’s just the ‘sexiest political woman’ on the internet…)

Her first video and the one that brought her recognition is on Islam.  It is in 2 parts.   Among other brilliant clips, she shows the preacher in Florida how to really respect the Koran!   Her second and latest video is about Mitt Romney.   (This one will be on a separate post directly following this one.)

My best description is that while watching these videos I felt like I was back in 1976 watching ‘Rocky’ in the theater.   For the first time in many years, I (along with the rest of the theater) actually rose to my feet and cheered!  

So sit back and get ready for Ann (Rocky) Barnhardt… 

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