–  The Bottom Line  –

On September 11, 2001 Islam achieved a success beyond it's wildest dreams.  Not only did it rid it's world of over 3000 'infidels' in one day, but the unprecedented mass murder and destruction achieved what any sane person and not even those subhumans could have ever imagined; it created a partner and supporter of Islam out of the very enemy it so proudly butchered; the 'civilized' world.








Every year on that fateful day America 'memorializes' the death of its citizens.  In so doing, albeit unintended, it trumpets Islam's successful murder of 3000 people.  An achievement unprecedented in scope and notoriety and with the added benefits of satellite transmissions. Yes, live video transmitted around the world so that all can see just how dedicated and loyal are the followers of Mohamed 1400 years later.

Every year America and America's media replay the horror of that day.  Now 10 years later,  these 'anniversaries' have proven to be of no value other than to show the world how very easy it was for 19 Muslims to put America and the civilized world on notice that Islam is without equal in the history of evil and that Islam will not stop at anything to achieve domination over us.



At Pearl Harbor there is a memorial and a very fitting one.  Sitting just yards away from the tomb of our brave soldiers on the Arizona is the USS Missouri.  The greatest battleship ever built sits proudly there to symbolize the might and the resolve of America. 




Upon this great ship the enemy bowed to America and surrendered never to rise again. 

Yes the enemy was defeated and it was defeated in very huge and unmistakable acts of resolve and strength; Hiroshima and Nagasaki.   An enemy that had attacked America and was quite willing to go on suicide missions against us was delivered a message that even evil understands, greater evil.

For decades America has been under the leadership of and has been totally ruled over by a privileged class (here) who really have no problem with evil.  In fact most of the time they find it very profitable.  You may find this hard to believe, but members of this group have actually represented the enemy that attacked us on 9/11.  And they contributed (here) their time and efforts to these butchers, for free!  Think I am way off base here?  Then answer this simple question;  How many people in government have been arrested for the gross negligence in so many areas that allowed for the 'known' enemy's success on 9/11?

We are at War with Islam (here) but under the current 'leadership' we can not even identify the enemy let alone win the war.

And so 10 years after 9/11 what is America doing?  Shameful.  It is promoting a really big '10th Anniversary' of 9/11.  And as it fills the papers and airwaves with this 'memorial' or let's be honest, this tribute to Islam greatest and most successful mission, the enemy is emboldened.   And can you blame them?

Since 9/11 the number of Mosques in the US has tripled.  And Muslims have become so emboldened by the gullibility and weakness of America that they are even proposing a Mosque right next to the Ground Zero.

Ask yourself; If 'The Third Reich' had been penned by 'a prophet' in the name of a 'God' (The Koran,was penned by Mohammed as being the word of 'Allah' a god.) would we have allowed Nazis to open 'Mosques in the US during WWII? 

Since 9/11 millions of people everyday, from babies to Nuns, are subjected to security checks and even strip searches while the 'security' forces have taken extra precaution 'not to even offend a Muslim'.

Since 9/11 America and the world has spent trillions of dollars (enough money to fund the cures for most of the world's diseases) for security because of the threat of Islam.  A threat that has been delivered on daily around the world in more than 40 countries. 

Since 9/11 ten years and hundreds of millions of dollars have been dedicated to rebuild The World Trade Center, The Pentagon and the families of the victims and not one penny has been recouped from the enemy that caused the destruction.

Since 9/11 over 17,720 innocent people have been killed in the name of Islam. (here)

Since 9/11  over 4000 American soldiers have been killed by followers of Islam.

America defeated Nazism, Fascism and Imperialism in 4 years.  Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are now going into their 10th year with no victory in sight..  See The War Without a General  (here)

And the pièce de ré·sis·tance – A Muslim elected to be President just 8 years after 9/11.  (here)

Just 8 years after 9/11 Obama invited Muslims to celebrate Ramadan at The White House.   And now again he spits in the face of America and all who died and suffered because of the subhuman cult of Islam.   Another Ramadan dinner at the White House and on OUR DIME!    No problem though, he did save us money when he canceled any Holiday dinners for Easter.

Until the bullet finally ended his subhuman existence, Osama bin Laden must have had belly aches from laughing so hard at how weak and stupid such a mighty country could be.

My sympathies go out to the families of all those good people who were butchered on 9/11.  Dollars to doughnuts that if you would ask any one of them what could be done to best memorialize their loss they would all agree; the best way to remember the victims is not by a pretty memorial but in a way that would prevent others from dying at the evil hands of Islamists.  Only by achieving this can their loved ones rest in peace and they will know that they did not die in vain.  As George Bush so eloquently stated:

  "We must never, ever, lose sight of the fact, that every man, woman, and child who died on September 11th was the most important person on earth to somebody.   And every one of their deaths, extinguished a world." – President George W. Bush

A memorial at Ground Zero and yearly anniversaries only embolden the enemy more and you can bet it's only a matter of time before we relive 9/11 courtesy of Islam.

Freedom or slavery.  Life or death.  War sucks.  The Good Guys never want it.  The Bad Guys make it impossible to avoid.

One thing is for sure, as it has since it’s beginning, Islam will continue to seek world domination.  Death and destruction will continue to be the signature of Islam in all parts of the world.  The Good Guys will continue to sacrifice their freedoms for security while paying trillions of dollars just to stay alive in a frightened world.

Islam must be extinguished.  War is inevitable.  Unfortunately, there is no other solution.

So there is only one place (here) for a memorial for that terrible day and until that memorial is built there, you can take all these pathetic cowardly 'anniversaries' and 'shove them where the sun don't shine'..



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