–  The Bottom Line  –

Excuse me for 5 minutes while I post this on the Rod Serling's America Page.

'FL Legislature Considers Outlawing Sharia & Other Foreign Law'

OK.  WTF is going on here???  Why on earth is this subject even being discussed???   Why on earth is ANYONE even giving a second of lip service to this absurdity???   Why are 'The Good Guys' so damn weak and stupid that they allow anyone to even bring this up without telling them to "Get the hell out of America."

Please someone explain!  I don't get it.  What is this really about?  It can't be about allowing any foreign laws to be valid in American courts,.  That is utterly absurd on the face of it, no discussion or explanation is needed to anyone with working brain cells.   There is an agenda here,  but first please permit me to show these weak and stupid conservatives how this, or any absurd progressive attempt to destroy our Constitution, should be discussed or handled.  It is simple and effective::

Progressive or Weak & Stupid Conservative:  "Should we permit Sharia or any foreign laws in our courts?"

American: "What did you say?"

Progressive or Weak & Stupid Conservative:  "Should we permit Sharia or any foreign laws in our courts?"

American:  "Have you had a lobotomy or do you just hate America and our Constitution?"

Progressive or Weak & Stupid Conservative:  "What do you mean?"

American:  "You know what I mean now get the hell out of my face and get the hell out of America, you don't deserve it!"

American then just walks away….

You went on the offensive and you scored one for America. ??? ????? ?? ???? ?????   Pretty easy, wasn't it?.  You not only nixed the absurd anti-American proposition in the butt, but you drew the line in the sand for all future asinine liberal and progressive attempts to destroy America in the courts and in any discussions.

Now back to the 'What is this really about?'   First of course it's about destroying America by Eroding The Constitution to the point where the foundation it provides collapses and the country with it. ?????? ???? ????   Only then can 'the enemy within' take over and establish their socialist 'utopia' and more importantly, the absolute power they dream of.

Secondly, and this one is a common denominator throughout just about ALL of the absurd policies and laws that we put up with in America.  Listen carefully now and remember this for next time you are baffled by the reasoning behind any decision by the courts or policies by your 'representatives'; 

–  It's All About Billable Hours  –

That's right.  Lawyers control this country and they make sure that pockets are lined at every turn.  Nothing; our morals, our businesses, our marriage, our children,  our schools – ad infinitum, can be decided or no policy or law enacted without a prolonged court fight. ???? ???? ???????   (billable hours for the lawyers and perpetual employment for the judges)

The background and the evidence supporting this reality is so overwhelming that we can only begin to cover it fully.  At GLOOG and the GLOOG Blog sites you will begin to 'get the picture' and will finally be exposed to the The 800 Pound Elephant in the Room.

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