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She knew.  She knew her husband was a lying cheating womanizer.  She had seen it before and there could be no doubt.  And this time ha actually did it right in 'their home' just below where her and her daughter lived.  And he did it right inside the most prestigious office in the world.  And he did it with a an intern young enough to be his daughter.  And he disgraced his marriage before the whole world.  The country which had given the Clintons so much, now had to bow it's head in shame over the disgrace of an immoral, unethical and lying leader. 

Yes there can be no doubt that Hillary Clinton knew about Monika Lewinski.  But yet in order to preserve her power hold on the White House and embellish her own future, she went on national TV and, like her lying lawyer husband, lied to the American people.  A lie that weeks later would surface for the whole nation to see.  A lie which she would never apologize for.   Well after all, lawyers never apologize for their lies or else they would have to spend half their time apologizing…

And yet as dishonest and deceitful as she has been proven to be, there is no shame, there is no punishment, there is no price to pay for Hillary Clinton and her ilk.   This privilege class that now has total control of our government, lies, cheats, and steals at will because they can.  The Lawyer Class now controls all three branches of government. ??? ???? ?? ??????   America is an Oligarchy.  America is no longer a land of laws it is The Land of Lawyers

Of The Lawyers – By The Lawyers – For The Lawyers

And in keeping with terrible leadership qualifications of  'lawyer-leaders, Hillary Clinton has no clue about Syria and the Syrian people and what they want.  She has no clue about Islam and the threat it poses on America and the world.  She has no clue about anything other than her own how power hungry self serving narcissistic appetite.  Birds of a feather indeed.  Her and her lying lawyer husband; the only people they ever served were themselves.

She now disgraces America again with her so arrogant 'outline of principles for Syria…'  This is one for Rod Serling's America.  The audacity of Hillary Clinton, who has shown to have no principles,  telling any country what principles they should rule by!  And anyway, who would ever listen to someone like her who has shown the world before how dishonest and deceitful she is and carries with her only a title with no respect to give it any credibility.

Check out the sign behind Clinton. ????? ??? ???? ???????   It reads "Friends of The Syrian People."   My God they are so arrogant these days that they even put their lies up on huge signs!   Did any of these assclowns ever think to ask the Syrian people what they want? ?????? ????? ???    Here's a picture of the Syrian people speaking in the streets of Damascus.  Bet you didn't see this in Libya or Egypt:

DAMASCUS, (SANA) –Hundreds of thousands of the Syrian people on Wednesday raised the biggest Syrian flag at al-Mezzeh Highway in Damascus in a response to a campaign launched by Syria's youths and in an expression of their deep national belonging and their rejection of any foreign interference in Syria's affairs.

The 2300-meter long and 18-meter wide flag was held by masses of the Syrian people who came to participate in "Raise with us the Biggest Syrian Flag" youth campaign.   Al-Mezzeh Highway was packed with the young people who started to flock to the place hours ago to take part in raising the flag.   See full story here.

Better yet, did they ever even take a few minutes to actually read any history of Syria?   And have they had even bothered to read a newspaper lately they just might realize that the fighting against Assad is the same as any Muslim country. 



Yes the same Islam and Sharia Law that butchered 3000 Americans on 9/11!

Clinton outlines principles to guide post-Assad transition strategy

What the hell is wrong with the people of America allowing these narcissistic lying lawyers to run our country??

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