The election of 2012 is one of the easiest in history to call.   This election is not about 'who', it is about 'how'.  Obama and the Democrats will lose by a landslide:  UNLESS THEY CHEAT. – Obama Will Lose Big – Unless…

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And so how will they cheat is the question.  And the simple answer is by legalized voter fraud.  This is something most of us were made well aware of in Obama's 2008 campaign.  Remember Acorn?  Remember the Black Panthers standing in front of a voting center?  Well this was as they say; 'the tip of the iceberg.'

"It comes in many forms – voter intimidation, organized ACORN-style registration efforts, “dead” voters, etc. But the grand lollapalooza, the irreversible destruction of representative government of the kind this nation has striven for since its founding, will come when voter identification laws are eradicated systematically, as the Obama administration has been doing throughout its first term." –  Joseph Farah

As usual over at WND Joseph Farah hits the nail on the head :

Only reason you need to vote out Obama

Exclusive: Joseph Farah explains why re-election would 'result in fall of USA'

Posted by Joseph Farah on September 9, 2012

Over the last four years, I have cataloged hundreds of reasons Barack Obama is a disaster for this country.

I mean it quite literally when I say that another four years of Obama will result in the fall of the USA as we have known it since it became a true, functioning nation with a working government 223 years ago.

But there is one reason we will never have true representative government, again, if he is re-elected. In fact, should he “win” re-election in November, we may learn we were too late to avert his revolution against it.

That reason he must be defeated is “legalized” voter fraud. …

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