–  The Bottom Line  –

Brigitte Gabriele is all about the bottom line when it comes to Islam.  She had to live through years of their barbaric war as a Christian in Lebanon.  Now she is fighting here in America to wake up our country to the realities of Islam.

Here in this video clip from the anti-Shariah conference in Nashville, she exposes how islam is invading our education system and using OUR MONEY to brainwash our children. 

This has to be the most despicable part of the ignorance of America and the rest of the 'sleeping' world.  The fact that we are paying exorbitant prices for oil to those countries and those barbarians who use it to infiltrate our very own societies and our very own schools to spread the lethal propaganda of the cult of Islam. 

And of course we all know where the 19 Saudis got the funding for 9/11…

As Brigitte so aptly puts it:

"We pump the gas and they pump the poison into the hearts and minds of our future generation…"



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