The battle is as it always has been; 'The Good Guys' against 'The Bad Guys.'

November 6, 2012 – Day of Infamy

There is one reason why we lost this major battle; 'The Good Guys' have become so weak and stupid that they sit back and let evil easily take control of their culture and their country.  Afraid to 'offend or insult' someone as the someone steals their country and their children's future.  Afraid to judge anyone; even those who stick the knife in their back and then have no regrets as they continue to turn it.  Afraid to stand proudly on the Christian foundation upon which America was built and prospered.   Afraid to even say a 'bad' word as evil lies and deceives with every word they speak.  Afraid to 'call a spade a spade'; indeed afraid to be honest anymore.  Afraid to be a man or a woman against a foe who needs be neither.  Afraid to be God's child and confront the  devil's advocates.  Afraid to even endorse the truth and the freedoms so many millions have died for since the beginning of time. 

And Americans are not the only 'Good Guys' who have become complacent in the face of evil.  The whole Western world has become weak and stupid in the face of evil which presently resides in a movement called Islam.

And so now Islam marches on and so does one of it's most powerful allies; Barack Hussein Obama.  After all the evidence and the results of the last four years, only an idiot would not agree that Obama will indeed try to finish the job he himself told us he would do; fundamentally change our country.  And to all the brain dead 'sheeple' out there this means no less than finishing the job Osama Bin laden started on September 11, 2001.  (Apologies to all who traveled down 'the yellow brick road' and never came back, but here in the real world we have to face up to reality and indeed sometimes Reality Sucks!)

"The Bottom Line" will continue to expose the evil but will make a shift in priorities.  Gone will be any news or criticisms about Obama; obviously it has been a waste of your time and mine…   Gone will be any more articles about 'Rod Serling's America'; after all, what could be more absurd and more out of 'The Twilight Zone' than the reelection of Obama?  ( The 'Muslim President' and 'Rod Serling's America' will remain as reference categories. )
And gone will be any writings on the latest 'news' which deals with the latest ignorance of America's lawyer leaders.  It's old, repetitive and boring and only serves to confuse with smoke and mirrors the real 'Bottom Line' which is how to change the broken system.  We must and we will.  But it must be understood that you either fight a war for freedom or stay home and don't complain about your enslavement.  
The Good Guys only lose when they underestimate evil; which is the reason we are losing our country.  And the Good Guys are destined to lose when the deny evil even exists; which is why Islam has now infiltrated America and is making advances around the world.
So Stay Tuned; 'The Truth Shall Set You Free' and
The Will and Strength of Americans, God's Warriors, Will Prevail…  
A New beginning – Part 2:  Onward Christian Soldier
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