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In order to 'know thy enemy' and to finally engage this 'enemy within' with a winning game plan, this book is a must read.

It has taken well over 40 years but it has finally arrived.  since the sixties and Saul Lewinski's book Rules for Radicals, the Good Guys have been playing defense and losing the game.  Well the game can't go on forever and I would say we're in the last quarter.

In 1971 the bad guys bible, Rules for Radicals has led them to touchdown after touchdown.   Both teams have had many coaches but the difference is that the bad guys had a game plan, the good guys had none and thought they could score and win just because they were 'bigger' (the silent majority).

In his special introduction to the ministry's paperback edition of "The Marketing of Evil," Kennedy wrote: This is a remarkable book. Here, between two covers, author David Kupelian dissects and exposes the brilliant and malignant techniques employed by merchants of evil who "sell us corruption disguised as freedom."


The effort to change America's mind on issues like abortion, homosexuality, church-state separation, and more is not a happenstance undertaking. Instead, as Kupelian shows, it is a well-thought-out strategic campaign that uses the methods of Madison Avenue to market rank lies. it

Introduction by ‘CHE’:   (CHE is the fictitious character that the author uses to speak to you on behalf of the liberals and progressives.)

We have done this to you, and we have done it by design.  We have changed up to down, right to wrong, black to white, night to day.  Via our silken garrote of “political correctness,” we have undermined and hamstrung your very ability to think with clarity, to judge with confidence, and to see us for what we really are.
We not only want resistance to be futile, we want it to be unthinkable.

You can fight us, you can beat us and you can even destroy us forever. ??? ???? ????? ?? ???????? ??????   If only you have the will.

I'm going to take you on a tour of our world.  I want you to fully understand what we have done to you, and in retrospect how relatively easy it all was. ???? ??????? We checked in our revolution, a near fundamental transformation of American society.  That didn't have to happen, we have convinced you to through friends in academia and the media that it was not only morally necessary, but in evitable.

We've been playing you for suckers for decades to come. relying on your good will and sense of fair play and willingness to entertain any theory, no matter how ridiculous.
Whereas you tend to sit there, smiling and nodding, welcoming us into your homes via the evening news, and into children's noggins through the state-controlled educational system, and into your purses and bank accounts through the ever expanding reach of the federal government and its insatiable appetite for your money and your property.  Not realizing that slowly we are squeezing the life out of you and what used to be your country.

I want need to understand that with each passing day, as we wrap our chemicals more tightly around you, finding you with 1 million small pieces of any legislation, arresting legal Tactics, intrusive law enforcement, and the criminalization of just about everything, we are doing this for a reason: to weaken you enough so that in the unlikely event you actually do decide to fight back at last, you won't be able to.

Our morality is based on absolutely nothing more than whatever suits our purposes, and is only an accidental resemblance to anything found in such conditional sources of morality as churches and synagogues, or basic common decency.

Why am I doing this?  In part because it's been so pathetically easy to defeat you up to this point, you've taken all the fun out of it.

Who else could have systematically dismantled the "greatest" country the world has ever seen, all from the inside and it without firing a shot.

So stick with me as I roll out a few tried-and-true principles that have served us very handsomely over the years, principles that, along with everything else in these pages, you might consider taking to heart.  That is if you want to take your country back.  Otherwise, you'll be just another bunch of losers, standing on the sidelines as a triumphal parade marches by.

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Rules for Radical Conservatives – Interview with The Author Michael Walsh

Posted by Jamie Glazov on October 21, 2010

FP: Michael Walsh, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Let’s begin with what inspired you to write this book.

Walsh: Like most conservatives, I was tired of seeing the Right get smacked around all the time by the Left, and never fighting back.  Even though Bush was not a true conservative, it was still exasperating watching him turn into a piñata that the Left could gleefully batter with absolutely no fear of reprisal.  Rules for Radical Conservatives is payback time. Fortunately, I knew just the man to take on the job: my alter-ego, “David Kahane,” who’s been writing in the pages of National Review Online for the past three years.  “Kahane” is a dyed-in-the-red-diaper baby who seeks to explain the way of Hollywood and the Left to the whiny losers on the Right, but even he had had enough: Rules (the sulfuric evocation of Alinsky is entirely intentional) is, as Ann Coulter says, “the manual for the counter-revolution.”

FP: So, in your view, why doesn’t the Right know how to fight?

Walsh: Because it plays by the wrong rules. Politics, especially as practiced by the hard Left since the 1960s, is not a place for turning the other cheek.  The Right foolishly believes that because its principles are better and nobler than those of the Left, it will win in the marketplace of ideas.  The Left, on the other hand, knows that the Right’s principles are better and truer, which is why it is always so desperate to discredit them, by any means necessary.  One of the inspirations for Rules is Milton’s Paradise Lost, so draw your own conclusions. 1xbet   ..

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