–  The Bottom Line  –

He delivers wit, sarcasm and humor like no other at Fox News or anywhere else in today’s ‘Brain Dead Media’. How refreshing it is to see someone with such a grasp of what most Americans think deliver monologues that just make us want to stand up and cheer.

Bravo Greg.  His monologues on ‘The Five’ and on ‘Red Eye’ never fail to hit home and desecrate political correctness along the way.   Here’s a sample of his latest on the disgraceful celebrations of the death of Margaret Thatcher – with the added bonus of a few classic quotes;

“So why such hate from people who know so little?  Well if you swim in the sewer then you’re going to come out stinking.” 

“These students protest capitalism while holding IPhones and wearing Nikes.  How ironic that most of these ‘tools’ spend most of their life in class without ever having any…”

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