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I can remember in college taking an Ancient History class.  One day the professor asked me when it was that Ancient history ended and modern history began.  The historical answer was one thing but the actual reality and the truth was very different.  So I told my professor that 'in fact we are still in ancient history.'   Of course she and the class were surprised and so I went on to explain.  Little did I know then that some 40 years later, my explanation would be even more pronounced than it was then. 

Ancient_CivilizationBetween the death cult known as Islam, and the legalization of killing babies, we are indeed still in what will be recorded as 'Ancient History' or 'Pre-Civilized' society.    Any person with a soul and love for his fellow man recognizes this.  The barbarism recorded throughout history is still with us. 

Fourteen hundred years and 270 million killed in the name of Islam.  55 Million babies killed in the name of a 'mother's rights' in just 40 years.  The well documented Islamic barbarism together with the Western world's barbaric sanctioning of killing unborn babies will compete for the historical title of 'Most Inhumane' in the history of man on earth.  Anyone understanding the horrors of these two groups will come to the conclusion that they both will share the dubious and monstrous historical title.  There are many runner ups, but they are not even a close second to these two.


Here's the latest chapter for the historical record. 

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