Maybe we should identify people by their loyalties, not their ethnicity…

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We'll get to the meaning of the title.  But first we need to understand the bullcrap that's been handed out to all of us for the last 100 years by real racists and those who benefit from a divided electorate.  

I was born here so I am an American.  My wife was born in Syria but now is an American citizen and lives here.  She is an American,   Those who come to live in America and become citizens are Americans. Those who come here to visit or perhaps to go to school or work or do business and then return to their country are not American.  They are identified by whatever country they come from.  Pretty simple stuff. 

Enter the race baiters and the politicians who wish to benefit not from patriotism but from a divided electorate and or a specific group of Americans.  

RacecardAnyone who follows the work of lawyers knows that when they go to trial the number one tool they use to deflect the evidence and the truth is something known as 'smoke and mirrors.'   The purpose of this, as the name suggests, is to confuse the jury so that the obvious truth is camouflaged in a cloak of confusion.   The lawyers know that the people in the jury are good people and like most good people want to give others 'the benefit of the doubt,'  And so these lawyers, whose only concern is to win at any cost, are more than happy to help prop up the 'benefit of the doubt' scenario for the jurors by confusing the facts and the evidence; truth and justice be damned….  And it works.

Aba_SmokeSo hopefully we can understand the methodology used here to lure people away from the truth or the reality.  It is the main weapon in the lawyers arsenal and thus naturally becomes the weapon in the politicians arsenal since AS WE SHOULD KNOW, most politicians are lawyers!

You can call them anything you like. Call them Republicans, Democrats, Progressives, Independents, Politicians, Judges, Congressman, Senators, Legislators, Public Servants, etc. But the one fact and common denominator remains; they are all (with few exceptions) LAWYERS!
Anyway you do the math. America is now ruled 100% by LAWYERS!

And so in keeping with their true form these lawyer politicians have used the smoke and mirrors of race and skin color to lead the American electorate away from a national conscience and replaced it with an ethnic conscience.  Thus you have 'African Americans' when there are none.  You're either African or American.  You have Mexican Americans when there can be only either Mexicans or Americans.   Of course you can be a American with a Mexican ancestry or an American with African ancestry.  But then WE ALL OUR AMERICANS/PEOPLE WITH ANCESTRY!  Why not just refer to us all as Adam & Eve Americans, or Adam & Eve French or Adam & Eve Russians.  Pretty damn stupid isn't it?  Well now you can see the stupidity that is inherent in the ethnic and racial labeling that the 'bad guys' have used to divide America.
And it doesn't end with ethnicity or skin color.  These power hungry demagogues also use this type of labeling to divide even further the American people.   Groups such as the 'female' vote or the 'young' vote or the 'single mothers' or the 'workers' and even 'liberal' and 'conservative.'  You get the picture.  They are all designed to confuse people into thinking they are something other than Americans so that the politicians/lawyers can make them vote with emotion rather than intelligence and love of country..
Now that it is clear (?) we can get back to the title of this post; 'Congratulations to The African Voters in America'.  It's a fact that some 95% of people with African ancestry voted for Obama in 2012.  It didn't matter that he was taking America on the road to bankruptcy or that his best talent was at polarizing America not solving any problems for the people.  So those in the African group had no loyalty to America.  There loyalty was to their ethnicity and skin color which they shared with Obama.   The other 5% of Americans with African ancestry were concerned about THEIR country and wanted to avoid any more damage to it from Obama.  (Of course there were many who voted for Obama who had 'European' ancestry.   They would be the liberal ideologues who prize their own opinions and ideology over patriotism or any loyalties to their country, no matter what country it is.)
But the most outrageous reality here is that not only has Obama's policies failed the nation as a whole, but the most devastated group is indeed the 'Black' community!  Now we can give them a pass for being naive and prejudice the first time they made their decision based on Obama's skin color, even though it flies in the face of 'The Dream' of their national hero Martin Luther King Jr.  But the second time voting for him, even with his failures in their community, especially shows that their loyalty is to their ancestral country and not to America.  
So we can thus congratulate those 'Africans' for their voting into office the most failed President in history.  (After all, he was re-elected after the worst first term any president, including Jimmy Carter, has ever overseen. read more )
But don't take my word for it.



Last week Hannity on Fox News had a great show; 'Hannity Talks Being Black (and Conservative) in America' which discussed the issue of how politicians use this type of labeling to manipulate the 'Black' community and their vote.  Read More

Also Allen West talks with Cavuto about the disastrous effect of Obama’s policies on the black community, saying that the reported unemployment rate of 13% or 14% is way low, that it is more like 20%.  Read More


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