–  The Bottom Line  –

$.56 cents for ONE YEAR of Sunday Newspaper – DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR!

Yes you did read that right; it was 56 CENTS!   I had to read the promotion at least 5 times to try to find out what the catch was.  There was none.  When I told my friend (who works in the newspaper industry) about it, he must have asked me 3 or 4 times to repeat it because it was too ridiculous to believe.  In fact he was on the verge of being angry because he wasn't aware of this deal and in fact he was paying over 100 times more for the same product! 

So here it is.  A copy of the receipt in case you think that I'm bullshitting you (out of my many vices, BS is not one of them; come to think of it, maybe that's why I'm broke…)

So please examine the picture below slowly. 

(Oh yeah there is one more thing;  In the end it really wasn't that great of a deal; I had to put a 42 cent stamp on the envelope to send them the 56 cent check….)

SunSentinel Yearly Rate



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