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In a 21st Century world where the work of genius surrounds our lives, what a shame it is that nearly 24/7 the Brain Dead  and Creatively Challenged  Media spends most of their time discussing the work of jackasses.  Be it in Washington, on TV, in the movies or in the Sports section, none of these celebrities even can hold a candle to the great genius of the men who created a world that is unimaginable to all those who came before us.

biological-clockThe latest news which effects all mankind and which of course you will hardly hear of, is the discovery of the DNA “Biological Clock.”   At 63 years old I surely would invite the physical condition of my teens and 20s.   Could anyone over 40 disagree?  

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Here’s more of the genius of man.

Discovery of DNA “Biological Clock” Could Get Us Closer to Immortality

Posted on October 21, 2013 by Adam Clark Estes

The identification of the DNA markers associated with aging has brought us one step closer to the ever-elusive Fountain of Youth. UCLA geneticist Steve Horvath just published details about the discovery, and says that this could actually lead to drugs that reverse the process of aging.

Ageing “Ultimately, it would be very exciting to develop therapy interventions to reset the clock and hopefully keep us young,” Horvath told The Guardian. He studied the methylation of nearly 8,000 samples of healthy and cancerous tissue and found 353 DNA markers that varied with aging. They effectively work like little biological clocks. Interestingly, different types of tissue age at different rates. Whereas the biological age of heart tissue appears around nine years younger than it should, cancerous tissue appears to be an average of 36 years older.

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