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Judge Jeanine is a not only one of the Good Guys, but this woman has just about perfected the art of public speaking.   The honesty and the common sense of her opening statements are almost none existent in today’s media; and it’s just so damn refreshing from the PC bullcrap we’re being subjected to.  
But even more commendable is the style and effect of a verbal presentation that exemplifies the art of public speaking.  When this lady speaks, there is no doubt about exactly what she is saying and what she means.   And to top it all off she makes the subject matter, which we are bombarded with daily to the point of boredom, spark our interest like we never heard of it before…

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement – Obamacare,
Welcome To The Land Of OZ – 10-19-2013:

Judge Jeanine rips Obama for the entire Obamacare debacle: 11-2-2013:


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