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 west_point Anyone know of anymore prestigious establishment in America than West Point?   Don’t even have to say ‘Military Academy. ??? ????? ’  Everyone knows.  Most prestigious and most famous Academy on earth, bar none. ??? ???   Most of America’s greatest  generals were educated and trained there.  Most parents  would give anything for their son to be accepted there.  The pride of America and the crown jewel of history’s mightiest and most respected military.   Until November 4, 2013. Shame on those who are in charge;

Lt. Gen. Superintendent Robert L. Caslen –  Dean Brig. Gen. Timothy E. Trainor  – Commandant  Brig. ????? ??? ???? Gen. Richard D. Clarke

for surrendering 210 years of honor and prestige to homosexual fascism and the cancer of political correctness.   

West Point Hosts First-Ever Male Same-Sex Wedding in Military Academy’s History

Posted on Nov. 4, 2013 by Billy Hallowell Two former male West Point cadets wed on Saturday at The United States Military Academy’s Cadet Chapel. This was the first time two men have married at the house of worship in West Point’s history. The couple, 28 year old Larry Choate III, who graduated in 2009, and 27 year old Daniel Lennox, a member of the 2007 class, tied the knot in front of 20 guests,

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