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Not really surprising.  The emasculated, emotionally unstable and clueless are at it again.   All I want to know is what drug these guys are on when they think up this bullcrap!

A new Florida Logo was inaugurated last February.

Florida Logo

It immediately ‘angered women’ as described by CBS.   These ‘women’ said that the logo was ‘sexist’ and that it discriminated against ‘women’ in the workplace because of the bow tie ( a world icon that represents business) used to replace ‘I’ in the name.

But of course the women cited by CBS are not real women.  They are the perpetual feminists who absolutely will not be satisfied until medical science is able to grow them a penis next to their vagina so they can f__k themselves!  (you can quote me on that)

Anyway, that’s a subject for another day.

In the meantime I say OK; get rid of this ‘offensive’ insult to our ‘women.’  We need to replace it with one that doesn’t discriminate against any good person; male or female or otherwise.  So how about this one.  It surely can only be offensive and threatening to the ‘bad guys.’  No ‘good guys’ have to worry be they any sexual orientation…

Florida Gun Logo




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