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Do I have skin in this game?  Yes, my wife’s family lives in Syria.  Do they side with Assad and the Syrian Army.  Of course, as do all good people in Syria including and especially Christians and Jews who have been protected and have flourished under the Assad’s for over 40 years.

Am I being objective in naming Bashar Assad the world’s greatest leader?   That’s your call after reading this post.  But anyone who is familiar with this and the GLOOG site knows that titles and positions mean nothing to me unless they are earned.  Mother, father, judge, President, boss, preacher, King etc are  meaningless unless the person holding the title has proven that he deserves it.

With the latest revelation below, Bashar Assad has now earned the title of World’s Greatest Leader and here’s the short list:

1.  Since he took over from his father in 2000, Syrian society and the Syrian people have advanced more than ever in their thousand year history.   They enjoy higher pay and modern conveniences that they could only dream about when I first went there in 1991.  As I said in An Open letter To Bashar Assad:

One last thing, please permit me.  As an American my loyalty will always be here.  So please do me a personal favor next time you get up to that podium.  You can cite the progress in Syria under your leadership and support it with the facts.  You must then ask the American President to offer up his success for the American people under his leadership.  Tell Mr. Barack Obama that it is he that should step down and return his country to the people..

2.  Since the Islamists started the war in Syria 3 years ago, Assad has been able to not only hold them off but is headed toward final victory IN SPITE of the fact that America and most Western and Muslim countries are supporting the Islamists who want to make Syria into a Sharia state.  Unlike Saddam, Gaddafi and Mubarak, Assad is very popular and can count on the support of the people; and that’s why the Islamists have failed to overthrow him.

GiantSyrian FlagSyrians parade their flag in support of Bashar Assad in Damascus

The Americans and their Saudi and Turkish bullies are left with the only option of artificially creating artificial “moderates,” whom they unrealistically and wishfully dream of turning into a credible leading force on the ground.  more…

This conflict has been brought to our country from abroad. These people are located abroad, they live in five-star hotels and they say and do what those countries tell them to do. But they have no grassroots in Syria.   I can’t tell you the number of people fighting against us because most of them come in illegally through the borders. They come to go to paradise in their jihad against atheists or non-Muslims. Even if you get rid of thousands of them, they will still have a constant supply coming from outside.- Bashar Assad  more…

3.  After seeing the fate of Saddam, Gaddafi and Mubarak, Assad, a young man with a young family, had every reason to take his wife and kids and leave Syria and enjoy the life of a king anywhere he wanted.


With almost the entire world community against him (thanks to the Islamist propaganda machine and the disgraceful and ignorant American and world media)  and the promise of an ugly death to him and his family by the Islamists , he instead decided to stay saying this:

It’s not about me, but about Syria. The situation in Syria worries and saddens me; that’s where my concern is. I am not concerned for myself.

4.  Assad has been and still is America’s, and indeed civilized man’s, greatest ally in the war against Islamic terrorism or The War for Civilization

More or less he has succeeded in turning the “huge magnet” for international terrorists into their killing field. His final victory is only a matter of time. Arming rebels, “moderates” or terrorists regardless, will only perpetuate the Syrian people’s plight and fuel regional anti-Americanism.  The sooner the United States act on this fact is the better for all involved parties. – Nicola Nasser, veteran Arab journalist based in West Bank – read more…

Assad Quote

I’m telling you frankly. Everything that the West has been doing for the past 10 years has supported al-Qaida. Maybe they don’t have this intention, but in reality it is what happened. Because of this, we now have al-Qaida here, with fighters from 80 countries. We have to deal with tens of thousands of fighters. And with that, I am just talking about the foreigners.   The first phase is to get rid of the terrorists. The second one, which is more difficult and dangerous, is to get rid of their ideology, which has infiltrated some parts in Syria. It cannot be that an eight-year-old boy tries to behead someone, which happened in the north. Or that children watch the beheading with jubilation, happy like they’re watching a soccer match, for example. If we don’t deal with this problem, which is more dangerous than the terrorists themselves, we’re going to face a bleak future. – Bashar Assad   read more…

5.  Bashar Assad is the first world leader to have the courage and conviction to actually name Islam as the enemy!

Islam-East-WestIt is the enemy that all are aware of but refuse to name by ignorantly referring to them as ‘terrorists.’  While all other world leaders are turning a blind eye, being politically correct or just ignoring the daily realities of the death cult known as Islam, on April 7, 2014 Bashar al-Assad said this:

With four words, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad has publicly put the Obama administration, Turkey, and NATO on the side of political Islam.  The slaughter of Christians in Syria is being done in the name of political Islam, which is what makes Assad’s comments so significant relative to the U.S. and Turkey. While celebrating the anniversary of his Baath Party, Assad said:

 “The project of political Islam has failed, and there should be no mixing between political and religious work.”


Bashar Assad is the first world leader to publicly uncloak the religious disguise that Islam has so brilliantly used for 1400 years.  And in a predominately Muslim country!

This statement by a leader in a Muslim country is the epitome of courage.    For this rare courage on the world stage and all the while confronting the barbarians at the gate and dismissing the powers of America, Europe and the oil rich Gulf countries, he is indeed the bravest of all world leaders.

This together with his performance against all odds and dedication to his people as described above, leaves no doubt in this man’s mind that Bashar al-Assad is indeed The Greatest Leader in The World Today.



PS:  It’s surely ironic.  When Bashar Assad took over in 2000, I told my wife that it was ridiculous.  First of all no one should just inherit a country.  Secondly, he just didn’t look the part or anything like a strong leader should.   Well Mr. Assad, I was wrong and I should have remembered the old adage ‘you can’t tell a book by it’s cover.’   Thank You for proving me wrong.  My ego holds no candle to the welfare of the Syrian people that I so admire.

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