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I can remember in college taking an Ancient History class.  One day the professor asked me when it was that Ancient history ended and modern history began.  The historical answer was one thing but the actual reality and the truth was very different.  So I told my professor that ‘in fact we are still in ancient history.’   Of course she and the class were surprised and so I went on to explain.  Little did I know then that some 40 years later, my explanation would be even more pronounced than it was then. – The Face of Inhumanity

Ancient_CivilizationAmong the many things that would support this conclusion the one that stands out the most and confirms this beyond a doubt is Islam.  The fact that a death cult as barbaric as Islam is allowed to exist and yet still be considered a ‘bonafide religion’ puts our generations at a level lower that that of any documented cave men that we know of.

Forget all the modern conveniences and medical advances.  Forget all the great buildings and engineering marvels.  All these are wonderful but they do not define mankind.  When the final chapter is written, it is mankind’s character and morality that will define his place in the timeline of history.

Between abortion and the approval of Islam as a religion, we are showing history exactly where we belong and there can be no doubt.   I’m sure most would disagree.  I would say to them  they need only link to two pages; here and here.

Here’s the latest evidence of our stone age existence:

These photos were released by ISIS — they are not doing this under cover of night or in hiding. They are proud of their slaughter in the cause of Islam.

Islam-ISIS (1)

Islam-ISIS (2)

Islam-ISIS (3)

Islam-ISIS (4)

Islam-ISIS (5)

Islam-ISIS (6)

Islam-ISIS (7)

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