The truth is that he can not help it.  He is a pathological liar and narcissist.  He has no idea that anything he says would or could be interpreted as a lie.  To him, and to every other narcissist in the world, at all times: everyone else is wrong and he is right.  There can be no question about it in his or any narcissist’s mind.

ObamaLyingThe real problem however is not that Mother Nature in her quest for human diversity has burdened the world with this type of person, the real problem, and America is experiencing it now first hand, is that ordinary people not only don’t understand it, they are oblivious to it.   This ignorance presents the narcissistic person with a total advantage, a sort of Trojan Horse, that is invisible to the naive and unsuspecting eye.   We witness this everyday especially in the media where they discuss Obama as if he were one of them instead of who he really is; a person who despises America and has very little if any concern or compassion for anyone other than himself.

MLK-ObamaAnd so they ask questions and wonder why on earth anyone would do what he does and make the decisions that he makes.  If you understand who he is, you understand why he does what he does.

Profile In Narcissism

The decisions Obama makes all come very easy to him.  They would to you too if all you ever were concerned about was yourself.

So Obama continues to do as he likes and say whatever is in his interest; the real truth is insignificant and unnecessary.   And we can now see, the lies will not stop.  They will continue to grow in numbers and size.




List of False Statements [aka lies] involving Barack Obama

(Not complete.  Needs to be updated hourly…)







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