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How often have you heard; ‘ Evil Triumphs When Good Men Do Nothing.’   In America the ‘evil’ is the destruction of American culture and values.  These traditions were established and built upon the Judeo-Christian foundation by our founding fathers.  This great foundation provided the rock upon which the most successful nation in history was built in a mere few hundred years.

One_NationAs for the ‘good men doing nothing.’ it is obvious.  The majority of America was and always has been Christians.  The country was founded and prospered on Christian principles, ingenuity and inspiration.  So if there is to be a major change then this majority must either initiate and/or agree to it OR just DO NOTHING and let it happen.  We all know what the correct answer is and it is something that all Christians should be ashamed of, especially the so called ‘heads’ of the church. 

What Are The Preachers Doing?  

The Church’s Sin of Silence                       Ashamed To Be A Christian in America…

Dave Jolly over at Godfather wrote this short piece that again exposes what we have been saying all along here at The Bottom Line.


Are Christians To Blame For Today’s America?
Posted on October 23, 2013 by Dave Jolly

When I look at America today and see the mess it’s in, I can’t help but blame Christians and not the liberals. Yes, you may be shocked and outraged by my statement, but allow me to explain.
Ever since the 1960s when the Supreme Court started ruling against God, the Bible, prayer, Jesus and anything Christian, too many Christians removed themselves from doing anything to stop or reverse what was happening. …

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