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 In the article Same Sex Marriage – Are You Serious? I put forth the bottom line on the issue of what is ignorantly referred to as “gay marriage.”   Also included were articles by two of the most honest journalists-philosophers in today’s world; Joseph Farah and David Kupelian. Of course it is Dr. Alan Keyes who in the end will make the argument irreproachable.

As I’ve said many times; this guy is the Michelangelo of oratory.  There has never been any better, at least in my lifetime.   Character, honesty, logic, common sense and unparalleled knowledge of the subject.  A foundation that makes his speeches and arguments without equal.   They say Obama is a great orator. LOL!  Obama isn’t even Barney Fife next to Alan Keyes.


In the following article by Keyes, the issue is settled once and for all; that is for those who reside in the world of logic, common sense, reality and the laws of nature.

Liz vs. Mary: how both Cheneys mistake the “gay marriage” issue

alan_keyesPosted on November 28, 2013 By Alan Keyes

Here’s where the shoe pinches. According to the American understanding of law and justice, tradition alone cannot be decisive when it comes to issues of right and wrong. Justice must take account of what the Declaration of Independence alludes to as “the laws of nature and of nature’s God.” Before that higher bar of justice, traditional practices must justify themselves with reasoning, reasoning that is consistent with its timeless and permanent standard of right. This is the fatal weakness of Liz Cheney’s response to Mary.

But it is also the fatal flaw in Mary Cheney’s assertion of “gay rights” with respect to marriage. For, when it comes to human society, the meaning of marriage, and the right connected with it, are among the first consequences of “the laws of nature and of nature’s God.” In light of natural right, Liz Cheney is wrong to make marriage a matter of tradition. But Mary Cheney is equally wrong when she makes it a matter of personal freedom. The very idea of the law of nature relates to the fact that there are certain things human beings, as such, are bound to do; certain obligations naturally connected with the existence and perpetuation of humanity, individually and as a whole.

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