Just finished Greg Gutfeld's book ' The Bible of Unspeakable Truths.'    It's wit, it's sarcasm, it's humor and it's the truth, with 'no holds barred.'  Gutfeld's brutally honest wit and humor are the 'silver spike' needed to kill the PC vampires that have invaded and taken over our culture and our government.  Here's a few samples.

Mexicans are the Mace against madmen, because they outscrew the creeps who kill for Allah.  As we embrace cats over kids, Mexicans multiply, preventing us from becoming Europe – a continent flooded by people who hate Europeans.

Ever since the United States invaded Iraq,   we've been constantly reminded by Europeans and the American media about how 'unpopular' we are as a country. betfinal ???????   …Which leads to my real question:  What the hell is wrong with being unpopular?  And when did it matter about how assholes felt about us anyway?  That's right: assholes.  Most of the world is made up of them, and the fact that they hate us means that we are doing something right.  …  The idea that we should give a fuck about these feelings is absurd and, sadly, pathetic. ??? ???? ??????? ??? ?????   The world doesn't need marriage counseling, it needs corporal punishment and America is the only country left that knows how to spank.

Having the greatest fighting force in the history of the world means little if there's no will-or balls-in the White House. ???? ?????

See our problem isn't having kids. It's not having kids.  While other cultures – the ones that desperately want to end our way of life – keep reproducing, we don't.  So we are doing their work for them.

Final Note.  I am forty-four and have no children.  My strategy is at fifty-five to start banging them out.  At seventy-five, these punks will be in their late teens and twenties – the ideal pohysiological type suited for moving me back and forth from the Jacuzzi to the toilet.

Unspeakable Truths

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