MUST WATCH VIDEO – Judge Jeanine TORCHES Hillary Clinton

–  The Bottom Line  –

Indeed, the ‘exception to the rule’ when it comes to judges.  This lady is fast becoming my favorite judge of all time.  (Not that there were any other before her…)

In a followup to  ‘ The Judge Delivers The Verdict , here’s another classic from the lady who is tops when it comes to making a point and whose ” style and effect  exemplifies the art of public speaking.”  When this lady speaks, there is no doubt about exactly what she is saying and what she means. And to top it all off she makes the subject matter, which we are bombarded with daily to the point of boredom, spark our interest like we never heard of it before.”

Judge Jeanine, along with Greg Gutfeld, represent the kind of ‘weapons’ needed in the media if ‘the good guys’ ever expect to make any advances in the marketing and propaganda war that ‘the bad guys’ are so damn good at and that has turned America upside down from the great country most of us remember.

Here’s the judges latest opening statement setting the record straight on the 2nd biggest liar and inept politician in the history of America.


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